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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake View Post
    There it is now in YMAS. Go ahead and complain and let me know when you add some helpful information.

    Now, when you decide to read the rules, provide facts, links or things that can be researched you can cry and defend your friend.

    Grandmaster? Doesn't mean anything as there is no regulation of the title.
    Hall of Fame letters? Doesn't mean anything because there is no regulation of the organizations.

    Those links? Do you have proof they are not the person in question?
    The military claims? Do you have proof that he has all of those accolades?

    Your points have now been addressed.

    I hesitate to even say anything ,since I have no jorse in this race , however you missed one , do the math on his age and that " better than four decades instructing" , either he started teaching awfully young ( which might be possible) or he lied about his age.

    I'm ancient , but me I'm an ancient cynical curmudgeon , belt mills are almost a yawner nowadays.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Master Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by unkeejon View Post
    I recently recieved my black belt in Phung Hwa Do from William G. Snyder aka Master Bill. All this time I thought he was full of **** but couldn't beat the price. Made several friends there just never wanted to tear the man down. Then his venom just got to be to much. Does anyone know anything about him?
    Yes, I know him. he began his Martial arts instruction at Master K's in Eastpoint Mi. in 1983 or 84 where he attained a green belt. He then decided to open his own school down the road. He moved around a lot cuz he kept forgetting to pay the rent in these locations. He then Joined the school of Master C.I. Kim where he paid for private lessons to be able to test for his first degree black belt. He never paid Master Kim and was never awarded his black belt, that was in 1985. A friend of mine has his black belt certificate and showed me when I asked abou it. If you want to find out more I recomend you contacting GM Chung Il Kim in Chicago, he teaching at Kennedys Martial arts, his Pin # is 435 in Tang soo do he can tell you all you need to know about this guy and much more.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I went to Lakeview high school (in St. Clair Shores), with Bill. His web site says he was born in 1949 but he was born in 1956, (as someone else posted). We all had to register for the draft in 1974 at the age of 17, the year we graduated, 1975 the Viet Nam War was over. Bill could not have served in 1967 as he would have only been 11 years old.

    He did have a small school in New Baltimore somewhere around the mid 80's and had a couple of students who did OK against some of Kerry Roops students from Super Kick's but was always considered to be an imposter back than.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I went to Lakeview High School with Bill. He was born in 55 or 56. In 1974 we had to register for the draft at age 17 but the Viet Nam War was over in 1975 by the time that we turned 18. He is around 54 years old so couldn't have been in Viet Nam.

    He had a gym in New Baltimore in the 80's and a couple of his students did OK in competetions against some of Kerry Roops students at Super Kicks but was always frowned upon as an imposter even back then. I believe he once told me he was going to Mr. K's.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Who is Master Bill?

    Well to be completely honest, i don't exactly trust the guy, i meet him frequently, once or twice a week casually not for training, and he is extremely odd, no straight answers, just a strange guy.
    Anyways i decided to post this for some use as i get weekly emails
    from him often about his school. So i figured that instead of you having to sift through all the biased crap, and the nonsense, I'd give yall the opportunity to ask him and question him yourself, because as you can see im not the only one curious about this and i want to see i what i believe to be is correct.

    Facebook: william g. snyder ( you probably knew that )

    anyways, i dont know if anyone else has gotten this information or not, but i felt that I might as well try to help, lemme know what you find.

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