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    Pffffft ninjas

    I am learning this.

    Secret Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race
    Throughout the galaxy the might Klingon race is known for its ruthless skill in battle. Now, the secrets of their most sacred weapon of honor, the betleH ylqel, are revealed for the first time. The great Klingon BetleH Master HetaQ takes you through insturction on the proper use of the betleH. An extensively detailed book on betleH techniques based on real martial arts, filled with photographs for step-by-step instruction. This book was produced without the approval of Paramount and the entire print run was destroyed, except for a few advanced copies. This is a rare one.

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    Mostly, I just sit here. Mostly. hall of famestaff
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I think I crapped myself with laughter......

    eeeew, messssssy.


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