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    2/18/2009 10:57pm

     Style: MMA, Yoga

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    That'd be awesome Deadmeat!:), i train at Valhalla Stables (muay thai) in brisbane. The gym is located very close to the valley train station.

    The instructor who takes the saturday class is more mma than MT too, so you might get something out of it. There is also the possibility of me coming up to your gym for a day if it wouldn't be stepping on anybodies toes, are there people there interested in going 60-80% contact, muay thai rules?

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    In April i'll be in China jaroge :(.
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    Posted On:
    2/19/2009 5:42am

     Style: Mixed Martial Arts

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Sounds interesting. We're in the middle of moving to a new location, and fight prep, but when the dust settles, maybe we can arrange something. Or even a mini Throwdown, South East Queensland style.
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