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    NJ Bujinkan dojo opening up in Hawthorne, NJ

    Hello All,
    The Bujinkan Bukeyashiki dojo is a great place for kids to learn rolling, punching, kicking and some weapons work.

    We also offer a Women's only class where we teach self defense techniques with weapons and without.

    Our Adult class is also a great class where you can learn in a non-competitive atmosphere. Our training is serious but safety is our first concern because we all realize that we need to go to work the next day!

    Please call or email the school if you would like to visit or take a class. Cost is $50 per month or $10 per class your choice.

    Mike Reina, Shidoshi
    Bujinkan Bukeyashiki Dojo
    525 Lafayette Ave
    Hawthorne, NJ
    (201) 203-0822
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Thanks for the review of your school. However, please review this thread and amend your "Aliveness" rating accordingly.

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