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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Joe, will get a fight with a big name(that is if he is still young enough to fight, by the time that happens) then retire after a solid win over a fighter up to his calibur. Ha, who am I kidding Pavlik is going to knock that big fat O down around Joes ankles. Now then we can argue about if the Pavlik of today would have had a chance at Joe in his prime??? Very possibly he would not. But then again Joe's record was so inflated with nobodys and fighters just not up to his skill. Sorry guys I love Calzaghe, but think the win will go to Pavlik.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by theword
    Oscar looked pretty bad during the Forbes fight. Not awful mind you, but not the Oscar of old and Hatton would have a very legitimate shot at beating him. Apparently he fighting Malinagi (sp?) next and that should be a good bout. It'll be interesting to see if Hatton's aggression can neutralize Malinagi's slickness.

    As for Calzaghe, I hope he fights Pavlik next. Who wants to see an old RJJ when you could see a battle of undefeated middle/super middleweights? Both of whom throw a ton of punches and have exciting fights. If it goes down (and it might according to Pavlik's manager) I'm saying right now it'll be a candidate for FOTY.
    ? I thought DLH looked great in the Forbes fight. Took a couple shots but I think he knew Forbes wasn't going to put him down.
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