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    12/02/2003 3:33pm

    hall of famestaff
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Oklahoma State University..... our wrestlers are hardly forsaken, and there's plenty of martial arts clubs that are very active. However the adminstration seemingly couldn't give two flying fucks about those clubs, no matter how active they are.

    Example, when we got moved out of the gym and into dorm basements, the cost of classes was actually raised by the administration. Why, you ask, because we had to rent base ment space from the student housing department........ god damnit. We had to pay more for shittier facilities operated by folks who couldn't care less about us in a room they don't ever and have never used for anything but storage, and even then they rarely kept stuff there as they had better places to put their crap......

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    12/02/2003 3:40pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Heh sorry bout the mix up there. Sucks about your program but altest you had something I'm still having a hard time finding a place worth a day in my area.
    "ARGH SURF NINJAS *implodes* " the cruel fate of Stold3
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