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    looking for info on superbrawl

    while browsing through wikipedia, reading fighter profiles and such; i noticed a lot of fighters have fought in a superbrawl event.

    i cant seem to find too much info about the event except that its held in hawaii (correct me if im wrong.)

    are there any tapes or dvds of these events? the only video im aware of is vitor belfort vs jon hess.

    thanks bullys

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    Superbrawl was basically an NHB event that started in a bar.
    After mma started to catch on, they followed the money, and
    created a ruleset, cleaned up the image a little bit, and started
    bringing in top evel fighters.

    There are lots of ICON Sports events, in fact one is due up soon.

    Many top level fighters have fought in Superbrawl & ICON Sports
    events, including Frank Trigg, Jason MIller, Phil Baroni, Robbie Lawler,
    and many others. . .

    Result from March 2008 event

    * * *
    I'm sure there are tapes out there, Superbrawl sold tapes since
    way back, and there are sure to be some on the net. ICON still
    sells DVDs of each event.



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    Do you know where to get the tapes? Any idea


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