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    Cage Rage 26 - EXTREME - May 10th 2008

    CAGE RAGE 26 - EXTREME - May 10th 2008 - THE NEC ARENA

    Ian Freeman vs Paul Cahoon - Light Heavy Weight British Title
    Ch'e Mills vs Marios Zaromskis
    Rodney Faverus vs James Zikic
    Ross Mason vs Ross Pointon
    Henrique Nogueira vs Marc Goddard
    Paul Reed vs Brad Pickett
    Kev Sim vs Popek Rak
    Roman Webber vs Scot Fairclough
    Chris Rice vs Edegelson Lue
    Harvey Harra vs Gary Kelly

    While this event lacks some of the international punch previous Cage Rage's have it, it still promises to be an explosive event where people get rocked. Of note, Ian Freeman, who beat up Frank Mir. Ross Pointon, TUF standup. Brad 'One-Punch' Pickett always had high energy fights.

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    Ian Freeman vs Paul Cahoon - Light Heavy Weight British Title-FREEMAN TKO RND 2 GNP
    Ch'e Mills vs Marios Zaromskis- MILLS TKO RND 1 RNC
    Rodney Faverus vs James Zikic- ZIKIC TKO RND 1 GNP
    Ross Mason vs Ross Pointon - POINTON RND 2 GUILOTINE
    Henrique Nogueira vs Marc Goddard- GODDARD DECISION
    Paul Reed vs Brad Pickett- PICKETT RND 1 KO
    Kev Sim vs Popek Rak- SIM DECISION
    Roman Webber vs Scot Fairclough-FAIRCLOUGH RND 1 TKO GNP
    Chris Rice vs Edegelson Lue- LUE DECISION
    Harvey Harra vs Gary Kelly- KELLY RND 3 TKO RNC

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    Marios Zaromskis is the future.


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