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    3/24/2008 3:36pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!


    We are about 80% sure that this will go. The WPAC in Greece is finalizing with FILA Wrestling to again add Pankration to the World Wrestling Games.
    Last year was a scramble trying to put together Team USA. We had two World Champions in 2007, Ulysess Gomez and David Bolea. All together, I think Team USA came in 3rd place.

    We would like to start the process now. I am 100% sure with time and sponsorship we will dominate and take 1st place this year. Please pass this on to all who may be interested in helping out.

    I'm new to fund raising so any sponsorship suggestions would be welcome. Donations are tax deductable under the USA Federation of Pankration Athlima a 501 c3 non profit organization. 100% will go to Team USA.

    2008 FILA World Wrestling Games
    World Pankration Championships (Pangration Athlima)
    Sept. 18-20th Durres, Albania

    Referees will receive Official FILA rules training in Albania. Please contact us (jfrank128@cox.net) if you are interested.

    ATHLETES: International WPAC/FILA Rules will apply.

    66 kilos/ 145lbs
    70 kilos / 156lbs
    76 kilos / 169lbs
    82 kilos / 182lbs
    89 kilos / 198lbs
    99 kilos / 220lbs
    100 kilos/ 221lbs and over

    Must be a US Citizen with valid passport or in the application process.

    Athletes must be at least 19years of age by Sept. 2008
    Must be able to fund up to $2,000 in the event that fund raising falls short. Athletes must weight in Official International Pankration Uniform.

    APPCICANTS: Applications will open in May.
    The top 3 applicants for each kilo division will compete in a round robin trial to determine the United States representative. International rules will apply during the trials competition.

    A “best of three” competition will be conducted if only 2 applicants apply for a kilo division. Non contested applicants will automatically become the United States Representative.

    Team Trials can be held on separate dates agreed by each group of kilo division athletes. Team trails will be held in the Southern California area or in an area where the majority of the kilo division athletes reside. All team trials must be completed by June 2008.

    Top three applicants will be determined by the following seeding order.

    #1 Seed – 2008 California State Pankration Champions (April 6)
    And// or Champions of the 2008 World Cup Team Trails Tournament (March 29) in Wisconsin. All weight class champions may apply for each kilo division as long as they can meet the prescribed weight.

    #2 Seed –Past Advanced Division Tournament Champions ** (October 2006 to present). Most recent tournament (1) and/ or closest weight (2) will determine top applicant if multiple apply.

    #3 Seed –Past Tournament placer of any division ** (October 2006 to present). Most recent tournament (1) and/ or closest weight (2) will determine applicant if multiple apply.

    #4 Seed – Any athlete outside California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois or Wisconsin with a proven record of similar competitions may petition in.

    #5 Seed – Past tournament placer in any division from any tournament ** (2001 to present). Most recent tournament (1) and/ or closest weight (2) will determine applicant if multiple apply.

    6th Seeds – Any other interested individuals with prior Martial Arts competition experience.

    **Sanctioned Pankration Tournaments


    $1,400 - Airfare LAX - Tirana, Albania
    $300 Lodging and food
    $80 FILA Card
    $80 International Pankration Uniform
    $50 Warm up Suit (depending on sponsorship)
    $100 unknown misc.

    SPONSORSHIP OPPURTUNITES – We would like to raise at least 50% of the funds needed to bring Team USA to the World Championships.

    SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES: Again I am new to this and open for any other suggestions.

    1- $8,0000 – Sole Sponsor of TEAM USA.

    Sole logo on warm up jacket and T-Shirt. Team Photos with Logo and Team Plaque.
    Up to 8 - $1000 sponsors:
    Logo on warm up jacket, logo on T-Shirt, Team Photos and Team Plaque.
    Up to 16 - $500 sponsors:
    Small logo on warm up jacket, and Team photo.

    ***All Athletes are encouraged to locate individual sponsors.

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    3/24/2008 3:42pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Heh, nice thread title change.
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