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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I know Curt Doyle quite well and he is great martial artist with his main school of operation in Spring, TX. I think the guy who is speaking poorly of him is now with his ex-wife, so that speaks for itself. Curt is also an instructor with the Combat Submission Wrestling system by which I am as well. So, make sure and do your homework before you have to put others down....

    You might just want to go check out his school and find out for yourself.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Not just a 39 time WORLD champ but now he's advertising on a flyer that he's a WORLD Muay Thai Champion with over 300 fights. Also an 8th degree black belt from the Martial Arts Continuing Education Association...that's an association he created, apparently so he could award himself an 8th dan

    Anyone wishing to defend "Master" Doyle can do so, but make sure you defend your statements with proof. A world muay thai champion would have his name listed on some fight organization website or at least have a bunch of videos floating around the internet. Post links otherwise your words have no value.

    Copy and paste the link below to see the flyer. n.jpg

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