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  1. socalpankration is offline

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    Posted On:
    1/16/2008 3:16pm

     Style: MMA

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    2008 California State Pankration Championships

    2008 California State Pankration championships
    Santa Ana, California
    Sunday March 16, 2008
    Date is Tentative

    Santa Ana College - Bristol & 17th Street
    1530 W. 17th street
    Santa Ana, California

    $8 Adults
    $5 Kids - 5-13 yrs
    *$8 Coaches * One Free Coaches band with roster of 5 competitors

    Entry Fee: Amateur Athletes Only. Open to Individuals as well as Teams/ Schools.
    $50 Pre-paid Registrations
    $60 Walk in and after March 13th
    $10 discount for teams with 15 competitors. All entry forms must be turned in together
    $5 discount for teams with 8 competitors. All entry forms must be turned in together

    Weigh in and Walk In Registrations: Two Options
    Saturday March 15th - 6-8 PM
    Sunday March 16th - 7-8:30 AM:
    No competitors accepted after the 8:30 AM cut off

    Schedule of Events: All times are estimated
    9:30 AM - Rules demo
    10 AM - Rookie (under 8) Double Elimination State Championship Tournament
    10 AM - Novice (8-10 yrs) Double Elimination State Championship Division Tournament
    10 AM - Women (14 & over) Double Elimination State Championship Tournament
    11 AM - Cadet (11-13 yrs) Double Elimination State Championship Tournament
    12 Noon - Junior (14-17 yrs) Double Elimination State Championship Tournament
    3 PM - Men's Double Elimination State Championship Tournament

    Custom State Champion Medals for 1st - 4th place. Two 3rd place medals for Men division
    Team Awards for Top 3 Men Teams
    Team Awards for Top 3 Junior Teams

    Divisions: All divisions are geared towards intermediate to advanced competitors.
    Licensed professional fighters are NOT eligible to compete.

    -Women: Ages 14 and over; One Skill Level; Weight Classes determined by the Madison System
    -Rookies: 5-7 yrs Boys and Girls; One Skill Level; 2 weight classes
    -Novice: 8-10 yrs; Boys and Girls; One Skill; 5 weight classes
    (Some light 8 yrs olds may be moved to Rookie Div.)
    -Cadet: 11-13 yrs; Boys and Girls; One Skill Level; 5 weight classes
    -Junior: 14-17 yrs; **Boys only; One Skill level; 8 Weight Classes
    -Men: 18 yrs and older; 9 Weight classes; Special Award for Champions
    **Juniors ages 16 & 17 may compete in adult division with written parental/guardian consent.

    Duration of Matches:
    Rookies, Novice and Cadets matches are one 3 Minute Period.
    Women and Junior matches are one 4 minute period.
    Men division matches are one 5 minute period.

    Mandatory Equipment:
    -All Athletes must compete with MMA Style Gloves, a mouthpiece and Cup.
    MMA Style gloves will be provided to athletes without their own.
    -Other protective gear is optional: Elbow pads, Knee pads, Shin/ Shin & Instep guards, Wrestling Head Gear, Wrestling/ Martial Arts Shoes.
    -MMA Fight Shorts with Rash guard is the recommended uniform.
    -Athletes may also compete in Traditional Martial Arts attire, shorts or sweats without open pockets or metal, tight fitting T-Shirt or Wrestling singlet.

    Important Tournament Information:
    -All Athletes and Coaches must know and understand the rules of the tournament. A rules demo will be conducted 10 AM -Sunday, March 16th
    -Competitors may have a maximum of two coaches mat side. Coaches must stay in the designated area on the mat. No cameras are allowed in the coaching area. Any violations may result in penalties against their fighter or removal from the tournament.
    -All disrespectful conduct to include that of coaches will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. Disrespectful conduct includes arguing with referees and officials and intentionally trying to injure your opponent.
    -All victorious competitors are required to sign their bout sheet after each match acknowledging the results are correct.

    REGISTRATIONS - Coming Soon……………..
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    Posted On:
    1/16/2008 7:55pm

    Bullshido Newbie
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Hey any Pankration events scheduled for norcal? I'd love to watch one. Santa Ana is pretty far from the bay area :(
  3. socalpankration is offline

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    Jan 2005

    Posted On:
    1/17/2008 11:51am

     Style: MMA

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    There have been a couple of events in Nor Cal but I don't think any are schedule for the near future.
  4. socalpankration is offline

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    Jan 2005

    Posted On:
    1/21/2008 12:16pm

     Style: MMA

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    The State Championships will have only one skill division. The tournament was getting too big with the multible skill levels and we had too many sandbaggers who just wanted a Gold State Championship Medal. We did add two 3rd place medals since many of the weight classes will have 16 man brackets.

    We will still have 9 men's weight classes, 8 junior (teen) weight classes; 5 Cadet (Pre-Teen) weights, 5 Novice (8-10yrs) weights and 2 Rookie (under 8yrs), along with 3 Women weights.

    We still hope to put on other future events with multible skill levels but we need to keep the integrity of the State Championship tournament. Not to mention get out of there in a reasonable time.



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