I was contacted via Facebook last night by someone who went to high school with Gus Kaparos and trained with him at "Silent Flute", a Long Island Japanese style Jiu Jitsu academy where Gus claims to have earned one of his black belts.

This is the first PM he sent me

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I answered him, saying probably nothing would surprise me at this point and explaining the essential issues I had (1) he lied about when he met my teacher (2) has spread misinformation about my teacher and his style (3) went out of his way to talk about me on Gene Ching's forum and (4) is teaching stuff he is making up and calling it Chan Tai San's kung fu. He responded to me this morning thus

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In case it is not clear, the fight Gus describes in his Sinovision interview, in which he and a bunch of friends were jumped and he fought them off, impressing people and launching his teaching career in fact is a manipulation of an event in which Gus "froze" and this person did the actual fighting