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    Amateur Fight Team Competition

    Southern California Pankration Team Dual Championship
    Four Teams each representing their County
    Amateur Pankration League rules apply

    Sunday 12/16/07 at Laguna Hills High School,
    Orange County California
    2-6 pm

    Amateur Pankration Fighters(Members of the same team, No Individuals)
    over 230

    Team needs matching Rash Guard and Shorts and Intro song on CD.

    Most likely these will be the teams:

    San Diego - City Boxing
    Orange County - OCJJ & MMA
    Riverside - Riverside Submission & Muay Thai
    Camp Pendleton - Subfighter MMA

    Let me know asap if your school can fill a line up. We may need back up teams if someone pulls out.
    Schools active in Pankration ONLY.........

    Possible $10 fee per competitor or $90 team fee.
    Spectators $10 adults

    We are trying to make this a high profile event with alot of extra effects professionaly filmed.

    Please pass it on to whoever may be interested.........................

    Contact jfrank128@cox.net
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