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  1. golsa is offline

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    Sep 2007
    NW AR

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    10/29/2007 2:22pm

     Style: sport Aikido & Judo

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by cyrijl
    haha...i was using bowling vs. kickboxing...

    Competitve professional type bowling, one on one (no sitting) 400 per hour
    Martial arts, Tai Chi, or Karate (no rest breaks) 345 for 1 hour
    Drinking beer while bowling and falling on the slick floor and getting back up is had work!
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    Sep 2006

    Posted On:
    10/29/2007 5:23pm

     Style: Lethargy

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    How long is a piece of string?
    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101
    Dude, whassup? Did they freeze your dick then accidentally use it to cool down a thimble full of water? Or, did you mis-spell crayonist? You know, the guy who makes sure the wax crayons you use aren't too sharp in case you decide to do the decent thing and kill yourself.
    Training log. Here

    JFS vs The Villain here
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    and good morning to you too

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    Sep 2004

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    10/30/2007 9:06am

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     Style: MT/BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Long enough to go from one end to the other.
    You can't make people smarter. You can expose them to information, but your responsibility stops there.
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