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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Hey no problem even though we have differences of opinions (rather strong I must admit lol), it's nice to see that this isn't just a normal shitfest thread.
    We all lay out our reasoning and if we are happy with that, so be it.

    You can look me up on YouTube here:

    Some fights, some BS in the gym, and some jokes on there.

    I train at Vamos BJJ in Holbrook, but will not be there for some time due to work. I spar and train informally with whoever I can now and have some ateady partners to help me.

    My next fight is being worked on, I am hoping to fight one more time by the end of the year, maybe Sept/Octoberish.

    I have to add, do not plan on coming to where I train and causing a ruckuss, if that is anyone's intent, just post it here and we can go at it knowingly ahead of time. I have no intention of involving my training partners or anyone else besides me for that matter.

    However feel free to watch a class at Vamos, they have a great school IMO.

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    LI Guy 1,

    Believe me I have no intentions of starting any kind of trouble only in learning about MA. I think MMA is pretty cool and wish I was a good enough fighter to compete but alas I think I am to old for that stuff and would probably get hurt.

    Different of opinions can be a good thing, gets people thinking. You can certainly think Jerry's class has no merit I on the other hand think different. I am going to check out your utube stuff and maybe visit Vamos BJJ and watch a class. Who knows maybe I'lllike it and join.

    Thanks, I think I can at least leave this thread knowing I did my best to add a little credit to Jerry's class even if I didn't change anyones opinion. That's O.K. at least I got some rational conversation going. I think now I will explore some of the other forums on this site and see if I can learn anything.

    Train hard and good luck on your next fight!
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I was a former student who joined when I was 14, one of his top students at the time (Bob Donato) Hired me to work for him as his apprentice in landscaping. He worked me like a dog bro and only paid me about 3 to 4 dollars an hour off the books. My first day on the job he handed me a shitty blunted axe and told me to chop out a fucking thick ass tree stump, then rip out like 500 square feet of this like fucking artificial dirt **** that was like some sort of nutrient enriched fabric that was like impossible to rip out. He didn't instruct me on how to do it or anything, he just told me that he expected it done by the time he came back from getting supplies or whatever the ****. I had no idea where he was going, and when the home owner saw me exhausted trying my hardest to get this fucking stump out of the ground yo....He complained to Bob, and all of a sudden it was my fault.

    That was a separate incident though, that was outside of class.

    In class yeah we basically practiced dodgy stand up fighting techniques at the beginner level. It meant nothing, and I have pretty much discarded all of it since. Weak sparring sessions where positions were immediately reset after "point" was scored. His students brown belt and under looked so sloppy that it just looked like flailing and running away sometimes. Of course his brown belts were decent, because it took them like an average of 13 years to gain. (which is prob total bullshit too)

    After about 45 minutes of "training" we would listen to him spout off pro-vegan rhetoric and **** talk other schools.

    One time I caught one of his black belts (the tall blondish short haired cop) in a taco bell ordering beef n cheese burritos. Then when he reckognized me he changed his order to a 7 layer. Lmfao, as if I didn't notice, I was looking right at him lol. That was about the time I realized it was all bullshit.

    I trained in Genbukan Ninpo under renshi Allie Alberigo after that for a while, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere for a while up until I joined the Army as an 11B. I train mostly boxing and jits now, but learned a lot of cool stuff from LI Ninjutsu Centers. Like they really go deep into the traditional shintoist philosophies and ideologies. I actually learned how to meditate properly there which is kinda cool. And also how to properly make use of Taisebake. (Unlike Jerry)

    Chances are, all of Jerry Principio's black belts never ACTUALLY trained for 20 years like they claim. They are prob just given the title for being co-conspirators from the inception of this LARP. That would explain why you see their spouses having rank too even though their technique is ****. This guy is a billion times worse than Aishida Kim. And I assure you, it is merely all just an elaborate LARP. Nothing even remotely close to ACTUAL martial arts.

    When you observe a class of his, he will show you a demonstration where him and one of his black belts have a staged live-blade fight which is of course rehearsed, but they used to do the same routine over and over every time we would have X amount of new spectators. They would of course claim it to be live sparring though.

    After seeing that was when my other 4 friends quit, I don't know why I stuck around. I just wanted to belong somewhere at the time, my parents were going through a nasty divorce and I was doped up full of anti depressions and mood stabilizers at the time and was just seeking acceptance. I think he has a way of exploiting the weak. That is why I have no respect for him or his cult.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    oh yeah, and jerry always had this philosophy "when in doubt, punch em out" what the **** is that? I got kicked out of my public high school for doing that. That kind of thinking almost ruind my life.

    Perhaps I should have my own "Dragon Dance" where I volunteer to let him come hunt me and tell him i live at some dealer's house in Central Islip.

    Seriously **** that guy.

    Oh and the hook was nothing, he used it more to tear the person's gi(which I believe he would sell back to them)and give minor scratches. He had some different sized wiffle ball bats, a kendo stick, a whip, some wooden ****, oh and the throwing knife, but it was only throw under-handed at waist level and he purposely would project his throw by a mile so they had time to dodge.

    SensiJJJ is his AIM SN btw. He logs in every now and again between 3-6 am.

    Merry Christmas.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    found this on another website after doing a search on jerry principio's name. he has no real history so there is no real info on him. the only thing i found was some random ass comment from one of his students nutriding some doctor who wrote a book about holistic foods.

    Yes, hi, I have a general query! I work with a patient of yours who suffered from high cholesterol and had to have surgery, heart surgery like a year ago. I'll call him "B.", and he is my manager where I do security, in Farmingville. I come from California, from a beach community where I worked at a vegetarian organic food co-op, which was a sort of heart of the community, and my wife worked there as a cook, and my brother worked there, so I come from a vegetarian background, which I would generally characterize as representing the "holistic" paradigm. We must keep in mind we are discussing diet, not exercise, which is a huge part of the bigger health picture. Diet is critical, and I agree that the medical industry and its professionals (doctors and nutritionists) can be quite diverse and often misleading, even downright dangerous. I also come from a view of sensei Jerry Principio whose Aiki Jiu Jitsu and Dragon Kung Fu school in Patchogue (he lives in Ridge, and advertises all over Suffolk county... you may have seen the little hand-painted signs that say "Aiki Jiu-Jitsu Fight Back: 924-3625") would agree with you on the point about the medical industry being dangerous, and he's perhaps even more adamant about that. This view of the kung fu school comes from a line of Japanese Samurai who believe they can be healthier at fifty than they were at 20, and healthier at 70 than at fifty! But the diet they recommend is opposite yours! They are vegetarian, and vegan, and mind you serious exercise of body and mind is pivotal, so diet is but a part of the whole ideology. I saw B.'s "prescription" paper (which he assured me were only your "recommendations") which stated the high-protein ideology of eating meats and eggs and cheese, which is completely opposed to the vegetarian ideology of my old sensei and my California roots. I understand B.'s situation is also a no-sugar deal, so you oppose eating candies, but aren't the sugars from vegetables and fruits good? You say no bananas and no carrots! I had to tell my wife, who eats healthier than myself (which you may or now agree with), and is vegetarian and vegan, and cooks her own, and even sprouts her own protein in beans, which she feels she has to, to be safe for her health and our babies (she is pregnant and plans on being pregnant and breast feeding for a long time, with more kids coming). I just think the benefits of carrots and bananas (vitamins and minerals, fiber and enzymes, etc) far outweigh the sugary content (and I have no degree in biochem and cellular physiology, but aren't there different kinds of sugars, just as there are different kinds of proteins?), and eating a banana and a carrot would be far better than an omelet or a steak just because those things are high in animal fats and proteins, which are simply longer chains of molecules than vegetable-sourced chains, so the body has to work harder to digest them, and ends up loosing lots of good resources in the process, in my book. .... I want to get to the truth too, but I can't find myself agreeing with your general philosophy; it seems so opposed to the vegan/ vegetarian view (a "proper" one, minding that there are a lot of vegetarian/ vegans who do it to save the animals, and aren't as careful that they get all the vitamins and minerals and proper stuff they need, ending up anemic or worse), which I agree with. He just brought me your book, and I plan on thoroughly thumbing through it, perhaps even reading the whole thing if I want, but I wanted to utilize this more interactive medium too, and get your view on the vegetarian/ vegan ideology. By the way, I feel that pills, even vitamins and minerals, can work, but don't compare to getting their ingredients simply from the food-sources, perhaps even coming from dangerous sources, what do you think? Thanks for the blog space! Randy Dible P.S., I may have more specific questions about your book after I check it out ;) "

    Most of the rhetoric this guy eventually started spouting is right from the mouth of Jerry himself like, literally almost word for word.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Hmmm, that's me, Randy Dible…. Strange I got mentioned in this skeptical and speculative fear-blog parading as a non-dweeby group for more than mere advertisements of Martial Arts schools. I don't know why that kid who was a former student …[**my guess, (((by the way: using my Ajna chakram, sometimes identified with the pineal especially because it is a third eye in reptiles and still light-sensitive in humans, but more because of its mysterious functioning))) is that "Luv2Troll" is Anthony... am I right??**]… found it relevant to post my comments to my friend's doctor. I only mentioned my Jiu Jitsu experience in a couple sentences. Jeez.

    I was a student of Jerry's for about three years, about six years ago. I also worked with him, sometimes what I'd call full time, doing landscaping and masonry, sometimes other stuff, like waxing his yacht (called the "Dragon Dance," by the way... a very impressive ship, can be googled). My mom (herself a real badass), step-dad (NYPD), and little brother attended regularly, and my little sisters were in the children's classes (taught by Sensei Jerry's daughter). My mom eventually left it basically calling it a cult. My brother was somewhat less opinionated, but he had it rough because he's overweight and has allergies etc, and my step-dad couldn't handle the vegan attitude! (I'd say diet, but attitude or lifestyle is more fitting.) But I was and still am a huge supporter of the school, even though my move across the country ended my attendance (plus the 1000 or so dollars I own in back-classes!... by the way, I have no fear of being hunted down for it, but do have expanded awareness thanks to such claims, and I appreciate it!).

    Bob Donato and the likes were interesting guys, but nobody is perfect. In particular, my mom complained about Bob being too rough. Her theory that Sensei and Bob were especially rough with her because they “liked her” because she is tough (etc) is correct, as Sensei has admitted on multiple occasions… again, nobody is perfect! She had it with the black and blues from the wire with a metal ball on the end.

    To Bob's credit, and perhaps to the satisfaction of some MA-egoists here, Jerry's Jiu Jitsu could use more grappling, as Bob and St. Cicero rightly said is necessary for real street or real life situations, at least, if you're a brawler. You don't have to be a brawler outside class to be a "real" martial artist, that's just stupid (check their IQs). On the other hand, I think the point of Jerry's style and tradition was to not let it get there... a debatable point.

    Regarding the “Pain Cult” idea, I have to say that is a possible interpretation, and expected in this lazy-ass ***** culture, but the idea is that if you are a master of various forms of serious (lethal for higher belts, dangerous at any level) evasion (and the heightened perception and cognition it entails) because twice a week you get into a seriously addictive FLOW in the Chase, you have a certain edge in the real world. Certainly, some first timers can hardly get across the room! Even though one doesn’t feel afraid once one gets used to it, the danger element makes you move, and the ultimate effect is quite different from mere track running. There is a theatrical element, in fact Munchausen syndrome is one of the teachings, the stuff legends are made of… and in the case of internet blogs, not so much legend but rumor (thanks to the immaturity of anonymity). The Chase is a watered-down version of the more advanced late Sunday night “Dragon Dance”, where Sensei has two sticks (classic kung fu weapons, not bamboo, but wooden… I forget what they’re called, kata sticks??) and everyone dances to the Japanese music while Sensei cracks them sticks around to break bones (it’s just higher belts usually, only very serious orange belts were allowed to watch in the midst of it, but not allowed to move from our positions, for our own safety). The danger element (not pain but danger) is like a drug, and one can easily get addicted, but only weak minds get brainwashed, and in my opinion weak minds need to be programmed! Ha! Just look at this country! When advanced in rank, one must become Samurai. This may appear as a strange lifestyle choice, but no stranger than being religious, for instance, and certainly this does not qualify it as a cult. There is nothing involuntary about it, and we who are lovers of the danger we don’t get anywhere else are a different breed. Haters will like the following quote: “Let whine and gripe the hypocrites!” - Marquis De Sade!

    Being vegetarian and even vegan happens to be the ancient way this tradition understands the most conducive means of digestive energy taxation on the human energy system. It also happens that the Samurais were in many ways stronger at 65 than at 40, and even stronger at 40 than at 20!!! That seems outrageous to modern Americans, I think, especially due to what scientific authorities tell us is possible and probable. Of course TV rots your brain. Of course a life of indulgences such as cigarettes and alcohol is going to hinder performance, even if you have moves. At the highest levels of true martial arts (external MA as well as internal MA) everybody knows moves because certain moves are the best ones, and it becomes a matter of subtle energy manipulation (I am referring to Dim Mak, for instance) and lots of psychology. Even guns can be faced by the unarmed if the proper psychology techniques are known by one with powerful psychic integrity, which happens to require spiritual or energetic integrity.
    But you all probably want more details. Many of the tales told on these 26 pages (yes, I browsed the lengthy ones) I remember clearly, and can even guess at who wrote them, one-time guests as well as former students! I was on one hunt, the one themed espionage. Our team won, and the loosing team got swirlies! I was the team member able to travel a quarter mile or so in a tight sewer, which got tighter and tighter to the point of worm-squirming, to retrieve a message. In the woods, after a day and night there, in the dark, after being ambushed by ninjas (we would have to defend ourselves or be captured to face uncertain doom), I was hogtied and left in an abandoned warehouse for my team-mates to save, and we all got captured and brought to a ritualistic fire ceremony thing where one of us was killed and we all had to drink her blood. Just kidding about that last part. And there was a beach where we had to use our rope skills to climb into trees and use other techniques to avoid being lassoed, and on another occasion I was the rower in a boat and the mission involved mad exertion of course, with boated ninjas shooting us. Let’s see, there was a mud hole we had to jump in right away to avoid the painball shots, and I enjoyed the immediate dive and tuck… it was a time of my life! It ended in a mock (we didn’t know it was mock… I didn’t) interrogation complete with mock electric shocks and scary blade-thingies.
    What else? In class, during the tests, women sometimes were targeted for their own practice of this real life rape stuff that could indeed happen, and sometimes clothes got shredded off, but of course usually it was avoided by doing the right moves… usually. One thing higher belts are made to do is hold a knife up against the wall, blade to the back of the hand, and Sensei punches or smacks the hand with a baseball bat or 2 by 4, and they can’t drop the blade of course… consequences! Back in the day, before my time, like in the 80s, the blade went right through the hand and stuck in the baseball bat! I think that was Bob Donato in fact. Anyway, another thing is the higher belt tests involve the run-around-the-mat blindfolded and avoid an armed Sensei, but at higher levels it’s called “Scary Noises”, and Sensei throws his voice and makes scary noises, which complicates it! And at even higher levels he’s allowed to speak, meanwhile the student has to know if he’s near to an unexpected pounding! Talk about heightening your senses!... because you have to!... the energy work is really fascinating stuff though, that part of it which manifests still in all my movements: force and grace is learned and kept. And the awareness! I’m not so much paranoid as smart from it, and am usually the peer with the bird’s eye view, which makes me seem like psychic sometimes! That’s the third eye for you!
    There are soo many points made by previous posters I’d like to address, but **** it. I’ve written enough for one sitting. Hope you all enjoyed my (further) contributions!

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    wow that was a long read! You guys make me miss more sleep than anything else on the net! Now to the serious stuff. As fun as this thread may be is there a point to it yet? What claims are being examined as BS? What is trying to be determined? What proof supporting or dismissing this Jerry guys style are there? There is more than enough testaments about this school but what is the endgame for this thread? I'm all for having a chuckle at the insanity of this school and teacher but if thats all this is leading up to than shouldn't it be placed somewhere else?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Check this link : . I think this might be an off shoot of Jerry's school but i do not know for sure. It has the same feel of his school from what i saw on the website. I have never attended this school nor do i know anything about it other then randomly coming across the website a few weeks back. Has anyone ever heard about this school? I was to lazy to read all 20-something pages of this post so don't know if its been brought up. Hope you enjoy. I recommend checking out the video section.

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