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    Hell yeah! Hell no!


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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I like the "Passchen" document which can be found on ARMA. I'm sure trained against a resisting opponent it would kick arse.

    I already have embarked on a project like this madmagus.
    What am I?:

    I am ignorant, thieving, lying, hypocrital, violent and thoroughly self obssessed. I steal from others to make myself look better, only to make the item or information worse.

    I go on and on and ON about how brave and strong and brilliant and wealthy I am, but in the end I'm all mouth and no trousers.

    That's right children, I'm your average AMERICUNT! and I exemplify AMERICA!:911flag:


    JohnnyCache's "retort" proving how much he knows about medicine and geography and First World countries:

    Yes, through persistent lack of work and the cultivation of ignorance, he is a true American.


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