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    9/29/2007 11:36pm

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    Iowa: Des Moines Mixed Martial Arts Academy - Anthony Porcelli

    I was just surfing threw the MMA Forum and surprisingly found out about DMMMA or Des Moines Mixed Martial Arts. I don't know much about the head guy's reputation, I've yet to visit the Gym. Something I might just do if I hear good things about him. So I'm wondering if anyone here has trained with him or could direct me to a website or forum that can tell me more about him. Some of you may not see the reason behind my inquiry but you should understand something. I'm more likely to be reading books on 15th century Italy then I am watching the T.U.F or UFC. Therefore my knowledge on who's who in MMA is limited to what bits I can gleam from this site. When and if I visit the guy's gym I promise I'll report back. But right now I'm trying to find out his reputation.

    http://www.desmoinesmma.com/ heres the DMMMA website.
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    10/31/2007 7:13pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    The owner anthony is a good wrestler with some submission skills. The school has a few fighters that are pretty tough. There website is pretty accurate and there is no Bullshido. But if you're looking to train in Des Moines, the best place is the Jiu-Jitsu academy downtown. A lot of good grapplers, and the Muay Thai program is really good as well. There is a lot less ego there as opposed to the DMMMA school.


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