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    9/16/2007 5:27pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I don't think Ninja gassed so much as had the stamina knocked out of him by that uppercut in the middle of the second.

    He looks fine before that, but right after he starts looking tired, and stays that way.
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    9/16/2007 6:04pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by HANKtheTANK
    Elite has nothing to do with Pride
    started in the US, with Gary Shaw

    they've slowly but surely acquired a lot of smaller companies like, KOTC, Icon, Cage Rage....to name some of the more well known ones

    add Mark Cuban to the mix and hopefully theUFC will soon be forced to live up to the standards that others set in pay scale, treatment of fighters, contracts, etc...
    both Goldbergs suck at commentary.
    Diaz needs to be signed with UFC so he can expose Roger Huerta.
    Mauro=hilarious. "I'd like to touch her with a 25 cm pole"
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    9/17/2007 1:41am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I know Diaz was one of the splits but I think I missed the other split. I was watching the fights while working. The Diaz fight was weird. I don't think I've seen that pathetic of an effort from Nick ever.

    As for Ninja gasing. Think back on it I am leaning more towards the getting rocked vs actually gasing point of veiw. hands down though Lawler had his number. I agree the ref could have stopped it sooner but in Ruas credit. He did look as if he was at least attempting to wiggle out of it. That is if you consider flailing about like a spastic off his meds that is. But seriously, most guys on their backs, mounted, getting hammered and try to roll out of it are usually going to roll all the way over and give up their backs out of desperation. Ninja didn't and in my mind it seemed as if he was there enough to know not to give his back up. But when lawler got side control and hit hit with that elbow it was over. No need to punch any more. Really looks as if more damage came from Ruas head bouncing off the matt than the actual strike. I hate that ****, getting hurt more from the reaction to the strike vs the strike it self.
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