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    9/14/2007 3:13pm

     Style: boxing, fjj

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'm at work so I don't have time to go through and pick out the good ones but here are some vids so you can check out kyokushinkai a bit.

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    9/14/2007 5:54pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by RegularJoe
    Live sparring?
    What makes them McDojoish?

    *Goes off to search the forum*

    They have contracts and the such.

    But they spar full contact and bare knuckle.

    There use to be two other Kyokushin offshoots in the area, they went tits up.

    Here is the contact information for the World Oyama School.

    Shihan Dai Earnest Blizzard P. O. Box 154
    Hopewell, VA 23860
    Tel: 804-452-2243
    e-mail: oyamaejb@aol.com
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