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    9/11/2007 7:42pm

    Join us... or die
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Can someone give me the name of the proper karate fighting stance with the hands up?
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    9/11/2007 7:56pm

    Join us... or die
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    It's called

    Wait for it.....Yomoto dach....which means.....wait....wait.......

    ...... Fighting Stance.......
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    9/11/2007 8:12pm


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Askari
    I cant think of a practical reason to train with a razor sharp sword in a modern context.
    Or with kendo bogu and shinai, or study of kyudo or any number of classical koryu.

    People will always want to preserve tradition (and rightly so) and; provided those tradtions have an interest base they will continue. The problem is however, for every one genuine student of koryu, there's 10-plus fekkin' eejits who want to re-invent the wheel, this is why we have so much shite today in terms of martial arts.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler
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    9/12/2007 4:28am

     Style: Aikido Ceteris Paribus

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Issues relating tradition, styles, koryu arts etc. only really started to interest me after spending a few years just being focused on the training.

    The use of a live tanto was never something I never questioned (just took it as a test of 'spirit') until I started reading & posting on MAP and was met with disbelief and/or horror on the Aikido forum. The training with tanto in Aikido varies enormously - from those who use no weapons, to wooden or rubber, to steel and live blades. I still have no idea when the use of a live blade started or when it was abandoned, if it was, by other styles.

    Way before you get to use one in our style you have trained for a long time with a wooden tanto and have learned to focus on the attack, the attacker and not the weapon. Even the point on the wooden tanto could do you some serious damage, even moreso with a blunt steel knife. So why bother with a sharp edge?

    The tanto we used had no tsuba, so Uke could end up getting his hand sliced as well as Tori.
    I see 2 benefits:
    1. You can get away with sloppy technique with a wooden knife (such as grabbing the part that represents the blade, or letting your grip slip). You can't with a sharp edge.
    2. I would argue that it it does help with mental focus, fighting spirit etc. and may even help on the street if faced with a knife (albeit that we were always advised that even an experienced BB must expect to be cut, but may get lucky and stay alive/disarm).

    Now, there is what I would call 'aliveness' when 2 very experienced BB's are going at it.
    However, for the most part, students I've seen were much more likely to struggle, resist and experiment when the risk was less, as with a wooden knife.

    Live katana use is around and thriving with Iaido, but I've not seen 'aliveness' featuring (but then I didn't study it long). Jodo, however, is something Aikido students may pursue as they have some familiarity with the jo, and has plenty of opportunity for 'aliveness'.

    So maybe there is a link at a personal level between perceived risk and willingness to use 'aliveness'. The more comfortable we are with our current skill level, the more we are willing to use that as a platform to test at the next level. I think in part it explains why people choose a particular art, and maybe why some will never use 'aliveness'.

    I also blame the belt-hunters who want to focus on the next grading before they've spent any time consolidating and experimenting at their current level. It takes time to experiment, and some are not willing to invest time becoming better fighters, just on learning the next set of grading techniques.

    IMHO the solution is in the hands of good instructors who want to make students better at their MA, rather than boasting a dojo full of dark belts which don't have any worth except in keeping their pants up.
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