Why, hello Copco333...or should I say, HEATHER OR CHRISTOPHER GERLITZ. Jeez, you are still incredibly stupid if you can't realize a 3 year old would guess it's you posting this bullshido. Your obvious pandering gave it away, (including saying "my dojo" instead of what would have been correct - 'his dojo').

I suppose you have time, after all, even though you post hours of 6AM to 10PM, you and your fat frog of a wife only open the dojo evenings and maybe Saturday. I'm surprised you can type this, considering you consist on a diet of 8-10 Tim Horton doughnuts from time to time (oh, don't tell me..."Ahh...my Grandmaster powers allows me to make these doughnuts into a great source of energy"). You, sirrah, are a lying sack of blackened dogshit. Tell your wife to shut that cockholster she calls a mouth and maybe, maybe for a moment you might see what a waste of air you are.