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    8/25/2007 10:14pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    MKG Seattle

    MKG Seattle is a great place to train. Most of the focus is on FMA but there is also enough MMA classes for a fanatic, and JKD fundamentals for the TMA enthusisat. For the most part MKG Seattle is a non competition but supportive any one trying to compete. Over all MKG is a great place to train in Seattle.
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    8/25/2007 10:52pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Thanks for reviewing your school!

    It appears that some of the rankings may fall outside of the suggested guidelines found here.

    In particular:
    • Weapons: 10: Superior excellence. Regular (quarterly or less) skill testing via full contact, full range fighting, minimum safety equipment. (Pain, Blood, bone breaking and/or death)

      This level of contact intensity, at this interaval is very rare. If this is indeed a regular feature of your school though, I would certainly be interested in more information!
    • Striking: 10 Superior excellence including A-level competitors/instructors

      Your instructors all seem to be very well qualified, however, none of them appear to be recognizable as "A-level competitors", nor do their credentials appear to indicate such. Does your school host guest instructors regularly?
    Thanks again for your review. Any assistance you can lend in maintaining a uniform rating system is greatly appreciated.
    Last edited by sdave; 9/08/2007 12:09pm at . Reason: No response from OP. Will remove scores when OP revises his.

    Quote Originally Posted by jnp
    That is exactly what I meant sdave. You are dead on, as usual.


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