So, I am just finishing this book up and I have found it very interesting. A couple things that stood out to me...

  • Though the first UFC's were clearly meant to be an infomercial for GJJ, it was far less of a "set-up" than many have claimed. The matchmaking was done by Art Davie and other promoters more than it was by Rorian.
  • Wrestlers own.
  • The whole "No rules death match!" schtick that nearly got the sport banned was largely a conscious marketing ploy by SEG that totally backfired.
  • The first UFC did indeed have timed rounds, it's just that no fight went the distance. Timed rounds were then abandoned... until they were brought back.
  • "Big John" McCarthy was LAPD for 20+ years before becoming the third man in the Octagon.
  • Gentry's conclusions about what the UFC/MMA revealed about MA are very close to my own. ...With the exception of some ambivalence toward sport fighting. On the one hand he lauds it, pointing out the dominance of wrestlers and kickboxers (not to mention the UFC), yet on the other hand he includes sportification of the arts as one of the factors leading to their watering down. ???

Still, a good read altogether.