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    Support MMA in Ontario

    This arrived in my Inbox this morning and although I certainly don't want to spam the board, I thought it was a worthy enough cause to share with the rest of you. I did a search but couldn't find anything on the subject.

    Help support a great cause - let's get MMA in Ontario!

    Dear Recreational Member of the Ontario Mixed Martial Arts Association (OMMAA),

    Show your support for mma in Ontario by purchasing one of our 4 brand new t-shirts (pictures attached below) available through our new on-line store at http://yhst-95434398052997.stores.yahoo.net/!

    OMMAA has been working very hard in conjunction with the Ministry of Health Promotions for the last several months to bring amateur mma to Ontario by 2008. Unfortunately, it takes time and there are no guarantees and no short cuts in this process. Still, we at OMMAA remain very confident that we will achieve our goals.

    Allow us to remind you that OMMAA & CMMAA are both not-for-profit organizations and that all Board Members and Officers of the companies are working on a volunteer basis. We are the only official organizations working toward the legalization of MMA in Ontario. Rest assured that 100% of proceeds from the sale of these t-shirt will go towards our legalization effort (e.g., legal fees, insurance etc.).

    If you live in the Toronto area, feel free to email us back to make alternative pick-up arrangements as to avoid shipping & taxes.

    As always, stay tuned to www.canadianmma.com for the latest information on our legalization effort, news on the Canadian MMA scene and information about amateur grappling and thai boxing events in Ontario.

    Let's Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

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    Do you guys ever host any grappling events in the Windsor area?

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