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  1. Donkey_Fizzle is offline

    Using Donkey Guard to Sniffz Your Feetz

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    Dec 2006
    between the moutains and some sagebrush

    Posted On:
    9/16/2007 1:13am

     Style: Kick Boxing

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Pissed as in mad or pissed as in drunk you cheeky monkey.
    Amateur MMA record: 8-3-1
    Pro MMA record: 3-1
    Status: Semi retarded... I mean retired
  2. bobyclumsyninja is offline
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    May 2007

    Posted On:
    9/16/2007 1:01pm

    supporting member
     Style: Ex-Tiger KF, ex-SanDa

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    sorry mate, American pissed as in angry, not going to the pub to get pissed...although the peppermint schnaps I'm eyeing on my desk, as I get ready to go to the studio, will affect that.
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