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  1. corwin137 is offline

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    Aug 2005
    Los Angeles

    Posted On:
    7/19/2007 4:48pm

     Style: "JKD"/Kali

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Teh El Macho
    Do you have access to http://pagewash.com ? If so, go there, and then enter the myspace URL and click "Begin browsing" ... that's how I get around censorship at work :P
    Thx Macho. Appreciate it.
    Props for your response too. A slight alteration of your queries would also assist in determining if dude is for real training-wise too.
  2. JKDChick is offline
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    May 2002

    Posted On:
    7/19/2007 4:51pm

     Style: JKD, BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    eeeeee ... 21's a little young to be setting up on his own.
    Monkey Ninjas! Attack!
  3. Teh El Macho is offline
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    Oct 2005
    Porcupine/Hollywood, FL & Parmistan via Elbonia

    Posted On:
    7/19/2007 5:09pm

    supporting member
     Style: creonte on hiatus

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    At least he has a precocious bizness drive :tongue3:
    Read this for flexibility and injury prevention, this, this and this for supplementation, this on grip conditioning, and this on staph. New: On strenght standards, relationships and structural balance. Shoulder problems? Read this.

    My crapuous vlog and my blog of training, stuff and crap. NEW: Me, Mrs. Macho and our newborn baby.

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    t-nation - Dissecting the deadlift. Anatomy and Muscle Balancing Videos.

    The street argument is retarded. BJJ is so much overkill for the street that its ridiculous. Unless you're the idiot that picks a fight with the high school wrestling team, barring knife or gun play, the opponent shouldn't make it past double leg + ground and pound - Osiris
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