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  1. ett40146 is offline

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    Dec 2006

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    8/10/2007 4:02am

     Style: Taekwondo

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    HAHAHA! Korea! You took your TKD from Japanese Karate. Your Yudo from Judo, and you don't want to admit it because you really don't like the Japanese. Come on! Give credit where its due. Blatant copying. Take a look at the stances, forms, hard stiff movements. Its got Japanese all over it.

    On another note, there are only so many ways to break a person, once you take TKD, MT, BBJ, tell the masters they there will be a fight to the DEATH in about 200 years, you see as time goes by the arts will evolve into a similar fighting style, with nasty elbows, head butts, groin kicks, curve stomps, slamming the guy on cement, BADASS techniques. The BBJ guys will think, oh ****, what if I get striked by a fella similar to cro cop? That BBJ guy will be sure to add some strikes into his regiment. The TKD guy will think, oh ****, what if I get slammed on my head, by a gracie counterpart? I better work those grappling moves bit and learn to sprawl. It's survival that is driving the style's evolution if that happens, not points, not the cash. Sure, areas where short people practice will emphasize more grappling. Areas where taller people live will be more reliant on striking. Study the martial arts, and take from it what works for YOU, your body, your mentality.
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    8/10/2007 6:13pm

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     Style: BJJ/C-JKD/KAAALIII!!!!!!!

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Welcome to 1993 again.
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