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  1. FSDDEFENDER is offline

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    Jan 2013

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    4/02/2014 11:39pm


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Last question. Was your partners franchise fee refund?
  2. cheetah2000 is offline

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    Posted On:
    4/05/2014 11:45am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by old1o1 View Post
    One reason???

    That's reason #1

    Blaming any of 4 partners (s**u no bs's partners at that) for not doing what's needed. I assume s**u no bs was also not willing to do what was needed to be done.

    That's reason #2

    Reason #3

    It would be interesting to see if the landlord says the same thing(s).

    --- And ----

    Reason #4. Another question for the landlord.


    Definitely a midnight move, a cut and run, a surprise-surprise. Good business, let alone plain decency, would suggest that perhaps a phone call to members in advance of the closing would have been more appropriate. Even a post on the "FSD Kanata Blog & News". Not that I'm telling fsd how to do things... Well, yeah. I am telling you how to do things with a little character and respect.

    What a coincidence! What are the odds? Well, I hope you enjoyed the surprise!

    It matters when members looking for instruction are given the GIN recruitment pitch.

    As for fsd being a "real" martial art; the deal has always been "prove your credentials". Misrepresentation, fibs, exaggerations, empty promises, extra charges, that's pretty much been the issue with fsd. fsd says "ask!"; we did, and we got nothing. Questions were never answered here in the forums, and questions were never answered when asked in person.

    I'd be happy if you would answer any of the previous questions put to you.

    Well, it's nice to hear that business is going well for you. Keep up the good work! Gotta go!


    Anybody want to join my new RYE club??
    WHAAAAT! The patenaudes wanting to collect the money without doing the work! SHOCKING! In the history of FSD or this thread, the patenaudes NEVER asked for free help, labor in honour of JP or any other high ranking sifu. NEVER HAPPENED! LOL!

    That's what they are known for! HA!


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