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    6/17/2007 12:54pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by ysc87

    for all the CS players who live in la-la land, here's a tidbit:
    i looked through my copy of 'Jane's Security and CO-IN Equipment' (i bought it at a yard sale, shut up.) and found the most famous example (the gun or replicas in the pictures above), the so-called AWP. in the game, it shoots a .338 lupua magnum, and is commonly refered to as the AWM by computer game players as well, the 'artic warfare magnum'. however, both names are wrong. the specific gun in question is actually made by an american company named 'Accuracy International' and the gun is actually called the '.338 Super Magnum sniper rifle.' the people who made CS fucked up, imho, b/c the same company makes the version called the '7.62 Counter Terrorist sniping rifle' not any more tongue-in-cheek than that.

    i figured i'd add in that little paragraph b/c not everyone in this subforum shoots real guns, apparantly. w/e.

    thanks for reading, and you're welcome. feel free to add some + varrots elsewhere, b/c i'm just that smart. *hands at hips, smiling, thumbs up*
    First off, Accuracy International is a BRITISH manufacturer, not an American one. CS players reffered to the rifle as the AWP as opposed to its REAL designation the AW. The AWP stands for Arctic Warfare Police and is a slight redesign of the traditional L96a1-AW for law enforcement needs (lighter, a bit shorter). As with ANY decent boltgun it can be chambered for, and has, in a number of chamberings .338 among them.
    To make it more confusing, an AW doesnt HAVE to be a super magnum to be chambered for those cartridges and a super magnum can be obtain in non magnum cartridges. its a marketing thing. The easiest way to cross identify an AW and a AWM/AWSM is to look at the muzzle brake.
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    6/17/2007 1:07pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    first off, yes, it is an british manufacturer. misread the jane's guide.

    and yes, as my guide is about 15 years old, and i did some reading afterwards, and you're right, it is the updated version of the L96 i was describing... just didn't feel like updating the post/forgot about it. apparantly, they only made 3-4 rifles in 1992, and it was a little more set in stone about design then.
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    7/14/2007 11:23am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    PH33R T3H N3CR0!

    Check these out. These are stocks to make the AR-15 California-legal. Basically, California still has a state assault-weapon ban based on brand names and features. The "conspicuously protruding pistol grip" is one of the evil features, so they've figured out a new stock to relocate it low enough so you don't need a pistol grip. Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous?

    But a lot of the previous solutions were even dumber, including ways to make AR-15 rifles into single-shot actions.
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