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    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    If I were to invent real antimasturbation gloves, they'd be made of steel wool, not leather.
    In the hamman, (Straight Street souk in Damascus), they use a steel mesh glove to, er, exfoliate. Jeezus. It will take off a layer of skin, to be sure. There a group of us (safety in numbers) and we were all, well, shredded really. Felt clean afterwards and was glad of the Tea and Glucose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by battlefields View Post
    I fear they will do nothing, Volya, except make the situation even more awkward.

    Yeah but he sure shut you down midstroke...errrrrr midstride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by I aint punchy!? View Post
    I've recently conducted a survey of Wing Chun styles as far as is possible to do from whats available on the net. I haven't seen much thats impressive at all. Most of the time Wing Chun people talk about things like centre-line theory but don't practice its application in fighting. Possibly the most obvious failure of the system are those Sifus out there that teach the legs spread-triangle stance... where the fighter is standing with legs splayed open, knees straight, and feet pointing straight forward. Niether leg is forward, as most styles of fighting from kickboxing to fencing would suggest is a good idea. They then like to lean back for some reason. These things are justified on the basis of some very dodgy ideas concerning close-range fighting.

    Of course there is a side-on stance in Wing Chun (from the Chum Kil form) but very few Wing Chun people focus on this. Rather they focus on chi-sau and drills from chi sau. This is done staticly, without movement, except for perhaps a kick in some of the most showy drills.

    Now I'm sure most of you are aware that a good counter against most hand-flashy stuff is to keep your 'dukes up'. Against most of the stuff I've seen the WC techniques can be countered simply by keeping your hands up and in front. In fact a very good counter to someone who decides to do 'rolling punches' at you is simply to punch hard and fast yourself. Another is just to block along the line of the rolling punches.

    Having said that I'm not paying out Wing Chun at all. Very few arts can beat a good 'dukes-up' with punching defence.

    My advice concerning Wing Chun (and most MA) is:
    1. you should try and be involved in sparring as much as possible. This might require you to improve your cardio-vascular health. Take up running or something lighter but try and make it so you can last through a good sparring session.
    2. sparring shouldn't be point based... rather get a few people you trust and try and have an anything goes but dont injure philosophy. It should be like a controlled brawl but fight using Wing Chun! If you can do this you'll at least have a good benchmark for figuring out what works for you (at this stage in training) and what might work in the future. Bear in mind you might get blood-noses, fat lips, black eyes, hyper extended limbs, bruises on your arms, guts and legs and so on a lot. But this is unfortunately the only way to learn to fight, and it will knock any flinch reflex you have out of you.
    3. Do weight-training for strength. This is different than mass-training (which is actually less time consuming and a little easier). The benefits are enormous and it will improve everything from punching power to coordination.
    4. Wing Chun is close range fighting... remember that when training and sparring. I consider it to be close to a form of upright-wrestling and boxing. Unfortunately most styles focus on flashy-rapid arm-strikes. If your club focuses mainly on drills where someone does X and then you do A-to-Z... and this is all the training you do, don't be upset when someone with a more focused fighting background takes you to the cleaners.
    Interesting post, thank you for your contribution. I am a Wing Chun pupil and your advice is noted. I would like to address a couple points in attempt to defend what I put my time and effort into. Not all Wing Chun pupils is alike and not all schools are alike. There has been a political confutation in the Wing Chun community and its ugly. Fortunately, My Sifu and myself avoid the politics and focus on the art. There is something to Wing Chun that many people fail to understand.

    A) The art was not created to stand still and block for minutes like IP Man, it was created by a woman to defeat men who are bigger, faster, stronger.

    B) As a Wing Chun pupil, every attack thrown to me is an opportunity to harm to what's being thrown. I.E, if a right punch is thrown, my pak sau will cause harm to the elbow or wrist. All human's feel pain in their joints and pressure points.

    C) As noted, our blocks are actually strikes, and we focus quickly on inflicting lethal harm to the joints, pressure points, and other vital area's. If a Wing Chun fight lasts more than 20 seconds, we lost the fight.

    D) The center line theory is very important and should always be used in a fight. Just because a man claims Wing Chun does not mean they are using It correctly.

    E) Modern WC teaches a lack of proper stances and forces them in modifying WC. At least in traditional, we have Front stances and Side Neutral stances that protect our center line and vital organs.

    There are some weaknesses to WC like grappling, which if we do not prevent, we could be done. This is something I would like to expand in. I will defend our criticism of not being able to from a further distance. If someone is not in fighting range, how is he a threat? A good WC guy will be completely focused on its man, and we are "supposed" to be taught to look at the elbows and knees, not the eyes. If we look at the knees, we can see a kick coming. If we look at the elbows, we can see the punches coming. This is the most important aspect of WC. Our Chi Sau drills are reflex drills to help progress our reflexes during a fight. If a WC guy is not focused on a man's elbows and knees then we mine as well just throw in the towel. What if a boxer can't jab? Many Sifu's do not mention this and our WC is least effective.

    But my goal is to gain some experiences from MMA's guys to how I can round out my Wing Chun. The nay sayers who believe WC is not an effective self defense art Is truly mistaken.
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