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    gi/no gi standup

    Can someone please outline the major differences between gi and no gi standup grappling. I have a decent wrestling background but never did it with the gi before and I have a BJJ tournament coming up.

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    *edit.... oh, standup... I wrote this first

    Gi is sticky, No gi is slipery.

    Gi it is harder to escape a sub, No-gi its easier to escape so your technique has to be better, and perspiration can neutralize otherwise proper technique.

    Gi you can control somebody by gripping any part of their gi, you can choke someone with their own gi (or belt). In No gi you can only control somebody by a limited number of points.

    Because of these added complexity, there are probably more than twice as many techniques in GI. In No-Gi there are less techniques to master so you can spend more time to spend learning each technique.

    In a perfect world you would be able to study both. I study no-gi.

    In standup Gi you fight for grips on their lapel or sleeves then throw them with their own gi, in no-gi you pummel for underhooks, and use bodylocks, whizzers, or shoot for the legs.
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    I'm curious. What made you think it was a good idea to put this in DHS?
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