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    5/02/2007 10:07pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    If you're getting tapped by armbars, especially if it happens alot, you should learn how to counter that **** immediately if you can't take the pain.
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    5/02/2007 10:20pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    difference being an armbar, if gotten properly is a complete checkmate position in which the opponent can maim you, and if you practice consistently, you won't end up in that position, with him armbarring you. on the other hand, you end up in halfguard all the time, it's not something that necessarily needs to be set up. you don't really get 'caught' the same way.

    i don't feel like you can say the same about the lockdown.
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    5/03/2007 8:59am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Boyd
    There's no shame in tapping to the Lockdown. Some people just have less flexible calves than others. There's a brown belt that I can tap virtually 95% of the time when I get him in half guard, due entirely to the might of the Lockdown.
    I'll grant you that, so let me rephrase:

    Under normal circumstances, you shouldn't tap to the lockdown. Tap to ANYTHING if it's causing you pain beyond your threshhold, regardless of whether or not it's a submission. What I'm saying is, typically, the lockdown isn't a submission so you shouldn't panic and think your leg is about to be severed and tap out. A guy at my gym who loves rubber guard (like I do) uses it on my a lot, and I find the best way to alleviate pressure is to try to get your knee in, bent at almost a 90-degree angle, because the lockdown only hurts if he can stretch you out.
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