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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Book Review: The Swordsman's Companion by Guy Windsor

    Coming from the perspective of an absolute beginner in Italian Longsword, this book is a god send. It's very clear, showing you the stances from multiple angles, Guy Windsor's writing is almost free of added verbage. He gives insight to the the symbolism used in the the historical treastises his Swordsmanship is based and is consistently concise.

    Folks I'm a former Backyard samurai, I owned a **** load of books on Kenjutsu, tried and Failed to teach myself Kenjutsu. At one point I owned a good 30 books on J.S.A.

    Not a single one of them was near as clearly done as this one.

    This book is good secondary source for the basics when you need a reference point and your teachers not around.

    But he tends to use Medieval Italian without providing a prounociation guide, so hey if you can stand doing some extra research on the linguistics of 15th century Italian, then pick this up

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Do you use this as a supplemental text, or is this a self teaching kinda thang?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I am learning from someone, a guy who learned while working for a Renn Faire a few years back. I use it as a supplementary text and as reference point incase I forget the names of stances and techniques, though from what my teacher has told me self-study is considered a valid form of training among those who practice Historical European Swordsmanship.
    But just incase you didn't hear me the first time, I am not self-studying.


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