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    Jeffrey Burger (CJB, KICK, YMAA) Salem, MA

    Greetings. Has anyone been able to verify this man's resume? I was about to purchase his video from Amazon, but I decided to Google him first. It's called Attack the Attack and it's distributed by YMAA. This is from his website coachjeffburger.com:

    "For over 30 years Jeff Burger has had a myriad of Martial Arts experiences. He has trained and studied with the top trainers in the world including extensive training in Asia.

    His accomplished certifications include the following

    Shito Ryu Karate: Sensei, 5th Degree Black Belt

    Matsukazi Ryu JuJutsu: Sensei, 5th Degree Black Belt

    Muay Thai: Kru
    Certified By: Muay Thai Institute / World May Thai Council
    Bangkok Thailand

    Nam Kune Bok Toi Kung Fu (Chinese Boxing): Sifu
    Certified By: Songjian Wushu Institute, China

    Tai Chi
    Certified By: Songjian Wushu Institute, China

    US Representative Songjian Wushu Institute 2000-2003

    Silver Medalist 2006 Muay Thai World Championship

    KAPAP Level 2 Instructor
    Certified by: Avi Nardia

    Stick, Knife and Gun Instructor
    Hock Hochheim"

    I'm sure that some of this information is true, as there appears to be an affiliate connection between he and Nardia and Hochheim. But the rest of that stuff? I couldn't find verification anywhere. The information is reiterated only by Burger himself and his partner/wife on several sites and advertisements. Of great concern is the silver medal at the 2006 Muay Thai World Championships... Where did this event take place? Why is there no video evidence of this man competing at this event or any other event of any kind? Why is there no listing of the gold and bronze medal winners from this event anywhere on the internet? And 5th degree black belt in Matsukazi Ryu JuJutsu? He and his partner use this particular spelling, 'Matsukazi' repeatedly, but according to Google, they are the only people on earth that do. There are numerous references on the internet to Matsukaze Ryu... but the only references to 'Matsukazi' are by the subject and his partner/wife. I couldn't verify one single item from his resume with the exception of affiliate connections to Nardia and Hochheim, but I found these two claims in particular to be extremely questionable.

    In short, I'm not asking anyone if this man is an educated student of the martial arts, as this appears to be true. I'm asking if this man has fraudulently padded his resume with unverifiable and ridiculous claims in an attempt to join the ranks of the elite and profit from honest, hard-working martial artists like you and me through his video and seminars.

    Thanks. I appreciate your assistance!

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    I don't know the details on those particular events, but I can ask Jeff, or you can shoot him a message via his page on facebook. Everything I've seen of his makes me believe he's entirely legit. He's also pretty open to talking to people, so I'm sure he'd answer your questions directly. He's got really solid movement, and the folks I know who've worked with him directly (including a few from my home kyokushin dojo that popped down to some of his clinics) speak very highly of his skills. I have the dvd, and really enjoy it.


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