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    Fist and Open Hand

    I've heard it said that fists are best used for soft targets, and open hands for hard targets. Since there are a lot of people here with experience beating on people and things, I thought I'd ask what opinions are of this statement.

    I noticed this video on the "evolution" of MMA:


    And though I can't tell, it looks like before the advent of gloves, people are using open-hand strikes (are those just slaps?) and elbows for blows to the face and head. Of course, it's very hard to tell from a small YouTube clip what's going on.

    So would anyone be willing to edumacate me a bit on the pre/post-gloves striking situation?

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    Pancrase didn't allow closed-fist strikes to the head, or so i've read in about a thousand threads on the topic.



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