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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    New Bullshido case in Argentina?

    Hi there!

    Well, some of you must know already, some may not, that in Argentina there are big issues going on in the martial arts community, especially when we talk about iaido/iaijutsu, and the now notorious Oscar Cirone.

    I'm sure you must be familiar with the following forums that I will post, but I would like you to pay attention to these threads. Its smells like bullshido, maybe we can discuss it over here more freely :eusa_danc

    Take a look!


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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Well, I see nobody posted yet. I hope some of you had the chance to read the threads I posted.

    What I believe to be very wrong about all this is what this so-called sensei is doing in his dojo and to his students. Whenever someone realizes who he really is and what his true intrests are, he invents some excuse to kick that person out of his dojo and, since he is supported by the All Japan Kendo Federation, he appears to be able to tell all the lies he can make up and nobody can challenge him.

    He can forbid whoever he wants from practicing in other dojo of the Federation and the students don't have any support from anybody.

    Is there any kind of organization or federation or something to which the people affected can resort to explain what is going on and be treated fairly? Who regulates this? :protest:

    In Argentina we are very far away from REAL sensei, but still, it should be possible to get in touch with someone who is higher and can do something about this situation that, so far, is uncontrollable.

    Thanks a lot for reading.


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