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    I'd like to leave this world like I came into it: Screaming, naked & covered in someone else's blood supporting member
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    I work in an office of Brits who spend all day talking to Americans on the phone. Sarcasm doesn't even register I'm afraid. Had I noticed your quotation marks, I may have worked it out though :)
    " The reason elite level MMAists don't fight with aikido is the same reason elite level swimmers don't swim with their lips." - Virus

    " I shocked him with my skills on the ice becuase Wing Chun is great for hockey fighting." - 'Sifu' Milt Wallace

    "Besides, as you might already know (from Virus, for example) - there's only 1 wing chun and it sucks big time" - Tonuzaba

    "Even when I'm promising mayhem and butt-chicanery, I'm generally posting with a smile on my face." - Sochin101

    "That said, if he blocked my hip on a drop nage, I would extend my leg into a drop tai Otoshi and slam him so hard his parents would die." - MTripp

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    Alight fellas here are the last emails I got from Milton. He sent me three and I responded to one last one. Also on a tip from a guy either on here on Sherdog I decided to take a drive yesterday and even though it took a little doing I found the school where the some of the videos were filmed.

    The location is 943 C Street, Hayward CA and it's a Tae Kwon Do school . It's not owned or operated by Milton . The name of the school is California Training Center they teach Olympic style Tae Kwon Do. Ain't that a trip.

    What follows is one of three emails I received from Milton between Tuesday and yesterday:

    First of all I never threatened you, I only warned you to leave me alone. I really have not interest in looking into Internet predators such as yourself. Do you honestly think your investigation means a hill of beans to me or ALL of our students? I knew who you were all along. and believe me I am am sparing you a humiliating defeat.

    Although you have no film of yourself fighting or training, my business partners and myself don't even believe you are a real fighter. I have all the information to find out your real name, but I am giving you the opportunity to step off. If you want me to do some investigation about you, then you asked for it.

    I'll be keeping a close eye on you now, but I have no interest in meeting you. In fact, there will be a few people watching you now because you have a very bad attitude. Some guy from Japan claiming to know you emailed me, but I guess all you guys from BULL **** INTERNET STALKER.COM REALLY DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER.

    I'll find out a lot about you even quicker than you think, but I will keep my investigation a secret. Everyday you can wonder what I have on you, so keep stalking people on the Internet. Me a fake? I don't think so. I teach all three levels of Wing Chun, Sil Lim Tau( The Foundation), Chum Kui (Combat Bridges) and Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers). I also teach all 150 movements on the wooden dummy.

    I know your friend Sifu Chan can verify, since I doubt very seriously you know one thing about Wing Chun. You were quick to judge me before I even put our Wing Chun videos up, and that is a terrible mistake on your part. You can apologize later. I know what I am capable of doing to you in a fight, so I am trying to avoid hurting you by avoiding you. You obviously were not trained by a real Sifu because your manners are poor at best. You asked to be investigated by me, and you were stupid enough to leave me your email address.

    I will find out where you live only for my informational purposes, and I will not report you just as long as you behave yourself. Monitoring people with a 3 three year old attitudes like yourself is always a good thing for the rest of the public, and you better hope I don't inform the public about your school. Bad karma, bad school, bad attitudes.

    If you ever showed up at my school, you would be arrested on the spot for being on our property after being warned not to be there. I'll make sure you have a few NICE roommates in your jail cell. Now do we have a understanding? Mr. Red!
    YOUR Sifu!

    I'd love to knock your ass out, but I was not trained to use my skills in violence. I would even be a ***** like you and post it all over the net. I have honor and you just have a pile of ****."

    "Take some skating lessons. You are a GREAT athlete and fighter right?Learning to skate should not be a problem for a tough guy like you. If you can't read, that's your own fault. I play for a sponsored team of pro hockey players, and we are going to be on a 2 week tour of Europe playing other sponsored teams.

    I have already fought some of the guys on those teams, and we will fight again when I see them. I already told you that I sell healing herbs to some of the MMA fighters at AKA. I even told you the names of a couple fighters, but I guess you were too stupid to ask them. Its none of your fucking business anyway, even though Sifu Chan knows how to make a similar product. Di Da Jow? Do you know what that is?

    Ask Chris if Greg Yao is still into the Qigong healing? Do your research before you even think about questioning me. I know more about healing and Kung Fu than you will EVER know, and when you are using my products in the near future, you will remember me. All you need to know is that I do work for the Government, and you can't get into all Government locations without being approved. Especially the branch that I work with.

    For your information, the Military stopped training Jujitsu a while back because it is not as practical for field combat. They stopped their contract with the Gracies, and started doing Wing Chun. Any soldier rolling around on the ground can not fight multiple opponents, and it is very easy for another soldier to shoot or stab another soldier wrestling on the ground. Does your son have a rival wrestling team?

    We will put Sifu Ross's son on that team. Give us a name? Your son couldn't even get his son on the ground! Did you ask Chris about Sifu Ross beating his entire school. We have it on tape, and we could put it on youtube. After you see Sifu Ross, you will see that he is far superior in fighting over you. Did you wonder how I knew you were bald?

    I am already on you, and you don't even know it! No I don't live in Sonoma, so stop your BS investigation. You can send me one more email because I can't wait to hear what you find out about Sifu Ross. You will probably not want to admit what Sifu Chan tells you, but its all true. Sifu Ross would give you the beating of a lifetime, and he especially loves to deal with jackoffs like you! I already have you, and you don't even know it!

    I know these emails piss people like you off, and I am getting a kick out of pissing you and all the rest off! LOL You think I don't recognize you from Sher Dog? I have all I need to know about you. Mr Red!

    p.s. If you want to fight me, I want you to meet me on the ice where I am about


    You can be # 501!

    I am the King of on ice fighting, so you must meet me there to get our investigation. You must not have any faith in yourself! By the way, hockey players learn to kick for flex ability and balance. Are you claiming to know about dry ice hockey training as well? Get your sorry ass on the ice with me if you want me! I'M BEGGING YOU TO TRY ME THERE! Lets go Mr. Investigator! Really LOL at all of you!"

    In the next post I will post the third email and finally my response.


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    What follows is the last of the 3 emails I received between Tuesday and Yesterday Wednesday.

    "No hard feelings man. I was a little hard on you. Believe it or not, I am not even mad at you. I was one of the most hated players in just about every league I played for, so I am familiar with people who love to hate me. I was the master of getting under peoples skin. A real cerebral assassin! It's been amusing pissing you off on the computer because I can already see the viens popping out of your head.

    My words have made you RED with anger, and I seriously get a kick out it! Jumping from hoop to hoop in search of more trouble! The BIG RED enforcer of You are my puppet, and I have been the puppet master. Now I will put the puppet away in the box for good. I thought calling the hotel rooms of the opposing team for ice hockey was fun, but you have been the BEST to **** with!

    All your attempts to get information has led you to absolutely NOTHING! Just so you know, I have one of the sickest twisted minds you would ever face in a fight. According to my friends, I'm 5150 and some. You ever been shot? I have more than once, and I have not been the same since then! My vest saved me again.

    Bullets bring out the worst in a man's soul when they enter your body. Don't get any funny ideas that I want to shoot you, but I will protect myself if you are one of the skin heads that emailed me.

    If we ever meet, do the right thing for the first time, and just say hello. The emails between you and me have not been posted, and we have only been speaking in private. I am not trying to humiliate you like all of you have tried to do to me. I finished third grade years ago if you know what I mean.

    If you do really fight, I respect that, and I would hope you have the same amount of respect for me as a hockey fighter. This verbal computer fighting is boring, and I am bored with it. Even though we might have had a misunderstanding about what capacity I have worked with MMA fighters, we are clear now.

    I have told you that I am a hockey fighter, and I am only interested in teaching or fighting on the ice. You don't think it takes a huge amount of skill and balance to fight on the ice? No gloves and bare knuckles. Punching people in the helmet and skull with bare knuckles is no walk in the park, and I could have helped you with your balance too.

    If you think wrestling on the mats is tough, try wrestling on the ice in tennis shoes with hockey equipment on. I teach that stuff, and there are a few hockey players who have trained at AKA. By now you have seen the picture of various professional athletes and myself. I don't even need to open my school to the public! Keep watching because I have something new that will be put on youtube that will get all your MMA friends attention.

    I am not out to hunt you down, so don't feel like I am threatening you. Your a fucking family man for Christ sake! You need to look into the ethics of the responsibility of being a real martial artist. Looking for trouble will always lead you to it, I have seen much more than yours eyes have probably seen. Take my word on that.

    I will not respond to anymore of your emails, but I even wish you luck for the future. Respect mine and I'll respect yours. Even though I may have some people who hate me, at least you were brave expose your identity to me by leaving your email address. As a matter of fact everyone who sends me an email is doing the same. Thanks Red. One more thing, if you thought your were going to just fight me to try and discredit our school, you are sadly mistaken.

    Sifu Ross, Sifu Eric, and myself are the true measures of our system, and you will soon see what a BIG mistake you made. You shouldn't play around on the Internet because the world is a very dangerous place. Sometimes you really don't know who you are fucking with. Know what I mean Mr. Red? I pose no threat to you, and as you can see I am only trying to help you. Posting mean comments for other knuckleheads to pile on is elementary at best man. I am the bigger man for this email, but you have a chance to do the same.

    Trust me, even if we did fight, I am no slouch by any means. You would need to bring your best to beat me because I don't go down easily. The last guy I punched in the head had a concussion for three months.

    I didn't mean to do that, but a fight is a fight. He also reported a large dent in the right side of his chest and a collapsed lung. If hit him on the left side, you know whats next. Show me at least one video of you training, and I will give you my honest opinion.

    Do you know Javier and Jerome at AKA? How about Linda at the front desk? Linda does not work there anymore. They all know me, but they won't tell you **** about my personal information. Now we see what type of person you really are Mr. Red. No more emails, no more contact unless you are going to be respectful. Agreed? Take the skating lessons!

    My reply is as follows:

    Milton , Milton, Milton,

    Ok here it is, since you refuse to answer any of the questions posed I had to find the answers out on my own. Before I go into that though I just want you to know that there's nothing you can do to make me mad. As far as you being a cerebral assasain I'm sorry to drop a hammer on you but you vs. me in a battle of wits would be like a 3 year old kid fighting an 800 pound gorilla. That being said we must now move on to other things and get to the meat of my investigation.

    Since you wouldn't tell me where you are located aside from some vague references to a military location that you wouldn't name I had to follow a tip I received from someone and lo and behold what did I find. 943 C Street Hayward CA and the exact school where you filmed your videos and it's not even your school it's called California Training Center Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do. Now this leads me to ask the question . Do you even have a training location of your own ?

    I also have learned a few things over the last 2 days .

    I learned that Sifu Meng doesn't know who you are.

    I learned that you trained with Sifu Gee but only for a very short time and a very long time ago which leads me to believe that you've never even learned Wing Chun as a complete system.

    I learned that Javier at AKA doesn't know who you are.

    I learned that hockey teams don't have fight coaches which means that your claim to be one is much like most of your claims nothing but a lie.

    I learned that you can't keep your lies straight regarding your Mr. San Jose claim. On myspace you say it was 1995 but in your email to me you say 1994.

    I learned that in that time frame San Jose hosted the San Jose Pro Invitational of which you weren't listed in the top 15 competitors and probably didn't compete as you were never a pro bodybuilder.And San Jose hosted the San Jose Bodybuilding Amateur again I didn't see you in the list of winners. Now maybe there was another event I'm not aware of and if so please name it .

    I also learned that you can't keep your lies straight regarding your bunk 500-0 record. On Sherdog you stated that you met with some unnamed Sherdogger and wrecked him and won your 10k from him after fighting him on the ice . As such you posted on Sherdog that you are now 501-0 however in one of your emails to me you said I can be win number 501 for you . Which is it Milt ? I think you as of this time your record is 0-0.

    Now I've also surmised some things .

    1. You've never learned Muay Thai from anyone .
    2. You've never learned any system of Escrima/Arnis/Kali
    3. Sifu Ross has never fought any legit skilled MMA fighter
    4. You probably need to seek some real mental help.

    Now dear Milton, for future reference you might want to keep this in mind. Stop threatening people on the net because you never really know who you're dealing with . Some people may be intimidated, some may be just at fake as you but there is a population of us who are neither of those and should not be threatened, or trifled with .because we don't play like that.

    Also Milton I hope your investigation of me is going well please be sure to keep me posted on what you find out. Oh yeah you asked " I bet you wonder how I know you're bald" Actually Milton I don't wonder because I told you I was bald when you accused me of being a skinhead oh by the way I'm half Black .

    Anyway Milton it appears that our time together has run it's course. You have nothing new to add and I've gotten enough information to now reliably label you as a MA fake with nothing but false claims teaching those who don't know any better than to listen to and believe your silliness. I've honestly enjoyed our communications as well as your wonderfully written emails and posts on Sherdog, next time you're lurking on Bullshido say hello to me and the fellas. Maybe if you start training for real you'll have some real skill some day.

    In closing and as always I wish you nothing but failure, and ruin as a MA instructor.


    Thanks to Bullshido and everyone who has provided support on this Investigation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1time
    P.S Hey, Red. Where are you from in Mississippi?

    Are you from Mississippi? I'm from Natchez.


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    Ace work Mr.Red!! He backpeddled and scrambled, begged you not to come near him, and threatened to shoot you, all in the same paragraph. Thank you for taking the time to do this, I hope the word gets out to the MA community and people think twice before faking on the level Milton did.

    Probably not going to happen, but at least this guy has been put in place.

    The person in Japan he refered to is me. I did not say I know you. I just asked why he didn't meet you. He said to mind my own business.

    "You got money Bitch. Pay for us to fight. Chimpo Cha Kilazo! Wari I Wari I! **** you and Red. I don't fight for your satisfaction. Red has already found out some history about us. You will see soon too.
    Sifu M"


    "Eat a dick bitch. Mind your fucking business!"

    Just in case we're still gathering info, this is the youtube profile of the guy who posted most of Milton's videos. The account belongs to "Tom" and he's 50 years old.

    and for "wallaceproductions" Pat Wallace

    and sifu's

    check out the channels he's watching...

    The weird thing is, watching his wooden dummy video, he really seems to earnestly believe what he's saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milton
    For your information, the Military stopped training Jujitsu a while back because it is not as practical for field combat. They stopped their contract with the Gracies, and started doing Wing Chun. Any soldier rolling around on the ground can not fight multiple opponents, and it is very easy for another soldier to shoot or stab another soldier wrestling on the ground.
    Milton, you are an idiot. This is the one that shows just how completely and totally an idiot you are. Mind you, Red pretty much gave the rundown but this one stuck out to me. I'd like to direct you to here:

    This is the online version of the Modern Army Combatives manual...also, notice the pretty pictures. Just so you know, it's base is BJJ. Here's a link to the wiki article as well:

    Also, here's another link for you:

    I'm sure the guys at the Gracie Academy just made up the whole "training the military" thing because from your point of view, the military doesn't work with the Gracies anymore...!

    Man Milt, you just like running off at the mouth telling lies. The problem is, with so many lies, you can't keep up with ones you think can't be proven and the ones you aren't sure can't be proven. In this case, you fucked up!

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    Wow. Just... wow.

    This guy is really, really, REALLY disturbed (and disturbing, to boot). From the unverifiable statements to the explicit threats to the thinly-veiled threats to the delusions of grandeur, it's clear that this guy is a basket case of extraordinary magnitude. Not only that, he has the gall to consider himself the mature one throughout this ordeal when it is clear that Red is the only one who has been civil in this matter. Normally I'd feel sorry for a guy as messed up in the head as Uncle Miltie here, but considering that he's duping people into paying him money to teach them half-assed techniques that will get them clobbered/killed if they try to use them in a real self-defense situation, I feel comfortable in wishing him supreme misfortune in all of his future martial endeavours.

    And what's his preoccupation with wanting to fight on the ice? Is that what turns him on?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Red, is this investigation labeled "closed?" If so, good work, if not, well...continue the good work!

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    I am working on an article...hopefully it will be up in a week or two. But there is little more digging we can do with such an uncooperative subject.

    The good news is he has not rebutted a single tangible conclusion that we have drawn. This implies that he has no way to rebut said conclusions.

    Kinda makes it easy for us, doesn't it?
    And lo, Kano looked down upon the field and saw the multitudes. Amongst them were the disciples of Uesheba who were greatly vexed at his sayings. And Kano spake: "Do not be concerned with the mote in thy neighbor's eye, when verily thou hast a massive stick in thine ass".

    --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.

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    wow, this has been an awesome ride guys. nice to see such good work, good manners, and well organized efforts. backpats for all y'all.
    I think it was two ninjas taped together, to make one GIANT NINJA!!!!

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