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    Some background info

    Look I have never posted before, but I was doing some research and I came upon this thread. After my laughter subsided I thought I would share my experience with the SCARS fighting system. I will try to make this brief. I was in ARMY Special Forces and in the mid-1990s we were conducting desert training with USN SEALS. One of the Petty Officers was a self-proclaimed hand-to-hand SCARS instructor. None of us knew what SCARS was or really even cared. Let me give just a little background in the 21 years I was in ARMY SF there was no formal hand-to-hand training conducted at the Detachment level. Anyone who says there was... is lying. Don't get me wrong plenty of people could fight with a decent level of proficiency. Try to understand the progression of violence, first we would drop ordanance on you, then demolitions, then machine guns, rifles, pistols, entrenching tools bayonets etc. With the hardware available, the last thing you want to do in combat is roll around on the ground with someone would wants to kill you. Our idea of fighting was with guns. There just wasnt the time to practice all the crap we had to master, verses the stuff we wanted to master. Still many of us had backgounds in Boxing, wrestling, judo, aikido... Back to the SCARS Instuctor, he talked alot of smack and basically pissed off one of my teamates. This guy was a fantasic athlete. He weighted a buck-40 dripping wet, and was a amatuer boxer in his prior life. A couple of us were boxers also but nowhere in his league. One thing lead to another and we had some boxing equipment laying around. The deal was our guy would have 12oz gloves and the SCARS guy would use what ever method he wanted. The fight started, boom, four shots, double jab, left hook, right upper-cut. Night-night SCARS Instructor.

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    Still many of us [ in ARMY Special Forces] had backgounds in Boxing, wrestling, judo, aikido...
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    I had a friend go through US SF selection (to be a comms dude) and in all his training I don't remember him mentioning much hand to hand stuff. I'm sure htey must get it at some level but I think there is a mystique that SF dudes just get immersed in the stuff. In the geater scheme of things stuff like language training is probably more important than advanced hand to hand training?


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