Thread: Ackk im sick..

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    Ackk im sick..

    Fark i have come down with a bit of a flu just recently.. i was stupidly doing the stereotypical male thing of just shrugging off the queasyness of my stomach, but after my first set i was pretty much screwed.

    So if im out for a few days, can i expect any muscle/strength loss? And will eating heaps while im not training promote body fat gains, as opposed to muscle loss? Because i would much rather gain a little beef than lose muscle. :wbaba2


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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Dude... lentil soup... sprinkle a little chilli powder in it...
    Lentils will give you some protein in an easily digestible form.
    The chilli powder will raise your metabolism a wee bit, and will make you feel better.
    It's the new chicken soup.
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