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    1/21/2014 4:01pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Crazy Algerian Hung Ga Training and San da

    This is what happens when I look for Hung ga schools in Africa.

    Sifu Farid Daroul.

    This is his san da program:


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    1/21/2014 6:12pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Hung Gar meets Crossfit?
    I like some of the Sanda one. My first Hung Gar was from Chui's line, the second was Chan Hong Chong. First style speed and power over precise technique, Chan's was precise technique and get the power and speed from that..a method I much prefer. My first Sifu told me Chui was pretty fiery and a bit 'wild' in his younger days..
    ( Yes just anecdotes ).

    Having seen this Farid guy and remembering my early days I wonder if it is a common tendancy in Chui's line?
    Just riffing here..

    Good find WRabbit. A global Hung Gar thread ensues..?


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