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  1. Joyseau is offline


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    Nov 2006
    D'Iberville, MS

    Posted On:
    2/03/2007 1:39pm

    Bullshido Newbie
     Style: MT & BJJ these days

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Cindy Fairfield

    So MI is getting a MMA fight soon, and here is the article the Muskegon Chronicle wrote: http://www.mlive.com/sports/muchroni...l=8&thispage=1

    "So, in other words, forget about teaching disadvantaged kids the value of a good book. Or showing them how they can elevate their lot in life by elevating their minds. Instead, let's parade them out into a ring like a piece of meat and let them beat the snot out of one another for the pure titillation of others."

    I was hoping some of us might be able to e-mail the newsletter and see if we can't get our fair shot at an unbiased story.
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    Jun 2006
    UmeŚ, Sweden/ Paris, France

    Posted On:
    2/03/2007 2:28pm

     Style: Shootfighting

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I fucking hate these holier-than-thou idiots who criticise a sport they don't understand the first thing about. They should be banned, not MMA.


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