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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Let me say I used to be Stephen Oliver's Mile High Karate about 5 years sucked! I went on a smaller fee, about $1000 per year...stupid idea i quit 9 months in suprising i lasted that long!
    by that time i was 13 already in it (that is martial arts in general not the specific system) for 8 years, the majority of the black belts were new they worked for any where from 2-3 years to get it, and they were about 9 years old and couldn't preform techniques correctly. I saw this one, got it on two years he was 6!!!!!! no joke!!!!
    I found out you literally bought your belt, except for the masters there i was so far advanced compared to the rest. There was no discipline either. I went to the Littleton station or so they called it, but guess what there was a lot of fraud and stuff going on at the particular one that it shut down, now the building is empty even after years of of walking by it to and from high school.
    Anyway, I just wanted to express my anger. It was so unaffordable and they didn't even show true martial arts values. they showed little like 'one steps' or that's the term i am used to but as previously mentioned showed interest in kata you could complete screw up and still pass! And you had to go to a tournament in order to go to the next belt and they were held 3 times a year at 50-100 dollars to sign up!
    The original system i was in, made you stay where you were if you didn't pass a kata or other techniques which was great now that i think about it since i was like 7 when i didn't pass once coz i didn't practice enough to get it right.
    I had a friend at one time, he is no longer my friend, who was a black belt at the system of mile high karate who was in it 4 years...i was in it 8 in a previous system, he sucked and is still in it at 3rd level 5 years later, not sure how as the people in the system can't even fight properly.
    Thanks for making a threat on it! Mile High Karate needs to be exposed!
    God Bless!
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