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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZ
    The article does highlight a significant point in that it describes how the advent of gloves resulted in the defensive aspects of fighting changing a fair bit. Less blocking, change in fighting stances etc. This may or may not be a good thing depending on how you view it.

    In addtion to what Kidspatula observed, I'd also like to point out that rules which marginalized the usefulness of the clinch probably shaped the development of modern boxing's tactics more than any other factor. Honing these aspects then trickled down back to less restrictive venues.

    As far as gloves being restricting, sure that's true. But, there is plenty of evidence you can even toss people while wearing boxing style gloves if the rules allow it (San Shou, Muay Thai).
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    Well, a boxer's fracture is usually defined as a break in the 5th metacarpal -- the bone supporting the pinky. So pretty much any punch that avoids pressure on the 5th metacarpal is better for your hand than one that isn't.

    Here's a summary on metacarpal fractures:

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    Here's an article on the old style guard from a karate perspective:
    I came across the article on this thread:
    Some kyokusinh fighters look like they're sporting a bareknuckle boxing guard, but that isn't using bareknuckle boxing rules. That's probably because the no punching to the face rule.

    Quote Originally Posted by phuquedup
    good read.
    a vertical punch makes it easier for a novice or less experienced striker to hit with the top two knuckles. As those knuckles are much less likely to go pop than the bottom three, I think this makes some good sense.

    its also a bit of an easier strike to learn. newbies have a tendency to waste power when throwing horizontal jabs.

    Bareknuckle boxing, however, doesn't use the first two knuckles as the striking points. It uses the bottom three. The vertical fist does seem to keep the less experienced from flaring the elbow out.

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