So it turns out I have a condition called ligament laxity, which best I can figure means that my body genetically sucks. The ligaments are very prone to being overstretched and never returning to normal, while tendons and muscles stay tight. This is pretty much asking for injuries, which I have no trouble aquiring. Many of my joints are incredibly unstable as a result and I've been advised to "avoid wrestling, it's just asking for injury" and the same for striking. It's really terrible, I have pain from writing or typing too much and sometimes just from walking.

After a few months of occupational therapy for my hands/wrists and about a month of PT for my knees and a whole bunch of exercises I have seen improvement in both, but have been advised to get lifting gloves for any exercise not perscribed by a therapist. I haven't gotten word from the PT on knee supports, but I'm going to assume the same goes for them, of course I'll check before diagnosing my own situation.

I've never used any supports of any kind, does anyone have advice on comfortable, yet very supportive gloves or knee braces (wraps... not sure what they're called)?