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    Kameda successfully defends title

    Japanís Koji Kameda successfully defended his light fly title today against Juan Landaeta.The fight was a striking change from his controversial first match up with the Venezuelan fighter, which was generally characterized as either a lucky win, or a biased judgment. This fight, however, Kameda entered with a strong overall performance that yielded a unanimous decision in his favor.

    Known for his out of ring antics and lavish entrances, Kameda used a Christmas themed entrance this time. He handed out presents as he made his way to the ring in a style of dress old Saint Nick would appreciate. One of the major changes in the match was his confidence and fluidity. There wasnít the same look of panic that we saw during the final rounds of the last match. Kameda appeared calm and patient, ready to utilize strategy rather than a rushed attack. There is no doubt Landaeta is a good fighter, but during the fight he had no answer for the left hooks he repeatedly took in the face. Kameda also made good use of body shots as he worked inside and slipped many of Landaetaís punches. He used in fighting tactics to limit Landaetaís jab and usually slipped outside to land a solid blow or two.

    These are signs of a confident professional fighter, which is a stark contrast with his last fight. Say what you want about his arrogant attitude and his apparent lack of respect for other fighters, but this was a good match and a strong display of boxing skill.

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    Hit the nail on the head.

    He may be a cocky little ****, but he's developing some skills, and won the match fair.

    Plus his Dad showed some class after the fight which was cool.
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