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    12/21/2006 1:42pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointyShinyBurn
    You can't put a knee down, but lots of them shoot in a way that avoids it.
    I can only imagine 2 ways:
    one where the knee gets close to the ground, and
    where you double over more at the waist, aka the high double / WC double
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    Quote Originally Posted by yodaman
    Buakaw's won matches under san shou rules which are pretty similar (only no standing subs) so I could see him taking it to Souwer in a shootboxing match.
    True, but I don't believe the sanshou fighters buakaw has fought (was there more than one?) were at the level of Andy Souwer. Andy and Buakaw are pretty closely matched in straight up K-1 rules, so under shootboxing rules it could be a different story.
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