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    12/19/2006 12:28am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sokaku
    and later . Is he retarded or what?
    I'm guessing inbread.
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    12/19/2006 2:28pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I run into simular problems in Nebraska. There working on banning MMA there too. What some comunities do is if someone puts on a event, the promoter as well as the fighters can be arrested and changed with assault. And that goes for both MMA and KickBoxing. This week i'm having to go infront of the City Council and descuss both KickBoxing and MMA, mainly pushing the amateur events. I've done write ups on sanctioning of both types of events and that may be a way to keep the sport from being banned in different states.

    it isn't going to be MMA that kills boxing. PPV has done that. The way I see MMA, it promotes all styles of fighting sports. Inceasing kickboxing sports and boxing sports.

    For promoters around Nebraska and eastern Wyoming, MMA is growing pretty quick. Thats were the trend is. Businesses change all the time, you just gotta adapt and sometimes go were the money is. They still put on boxing matchs and once in a greate while some kickboxing matches (hopefully my federation will increase that interest), but MMA is almost a every month event.
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