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    What's the real damage?
    Loss of money, and possible risk to life and limb if he tries using shitty martial arts instructionals as a defense tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knave

    There are also examples documented on video of fighters trying to perform eye gouges, sometimes even succeeding, and losing anyway. Probably the most well known would be the 1995 match between Gerard Gordeau, 200something pound savate champion and Yuki Nakai, 150lb shooto fighter.

    Gordeau was so afraid of this smaller man's grappling game that he actually used illegal eye gouges, permanently blinding Yuki Nakai in one eye. Gordeau lost via heel hook.
    Clearly this Gordeau fellow didn't read "Secrets of Speed Fighting, Methods of Masters" by Dr. John (Speed Man) LaTourrette" Ha, Ha, Ha. I hear there's a guy who could fix Nakai's eye with some Hakuna Matata magic or something.

    Ok, I concede to the point of eye strikes being a fight ending move. I would love to see a video of that fight. I still stand by my statement that some of LaTourrette's concepts in his book and tape have some utility; such as the deceptive body/hand positioning and training methods that will improve your hand speed. I'm not advocating speed hitting as a stand alone style but it complimented my kenpo well.

    Thanks for the goggles idea, sounds like a good training tip.

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    Anyone who unquestioningly follows Tourettes instructions, especially from a video, and then gets beat only has their own poor judgement to blame. And they will apply the same poor judgement within any sytem of fighting and get beat anyhow. You can train muay thai or BJJ for as long as you like but you'll always get beat by someone with better judgement or understanding. Shure you can learn better judgement but that's up to you.

    Children are the exception of course but then it's up to their parents/gaurdians. So it is good to expose his shortcomings but the tone of this thread actually works against itself. I actually want to see Tourettes videos myself to see if he's as crap as he seems, not that I will but this is my main beef. All the name calling and rude dismissal of any positive comments about "hitting people really fast" (speed hitting is a loaded piece of jargon) makes me think maybe the name callers are unreasonably prejudiced.

    And you buy a crap video and lose some bucks. Anyone seen Bloodsport?

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    I remember a guy many years offering this program called "Street Lethal Speed Kill" It sold well till one of the main guys in the program got killed cause his skills were punching and not dodgeing bullets. People who sell bullshit videos profit and make those who buy it a little over confident of what can really happen when they haven't really practised a real scenario.

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    Interesting thread, I couldnt make it through it all. However, you should adress some of these questions you have regarding Dr. John Latourette over at kenpotalk where he is pretty active.

    I will say this: Although I dont agree with all of his tactics, i.e. having aliases, his kenpo is top notch which isnt always clear from a video. Like everything in life you have to take things with a grain of salt. Some techniques I see and immediately think it's impractical, uses excessive motion, etc to be useful in the real world. Some of the techniques I personally think are retained for historical reasons. However, there are many very useful techniques and the concepts or master keys as explained by Doc are insightfull to anyone that has studied kenpo.

    He is the real deal. I assure you even at his age you wouldnt want to fight him. His kenpo techniques are amongst the best out there.

    His marketing, his mind mastery...well who knows, I'm not into that ****. I've always thought that the guy would go much farther without it but I believe that he truly believes in what he's doing. To each thier own I guess.

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    c/p from kenpotalk for the lazy:

    Jan 11, 2007
    sent to Kenpotalk.com/formum/newreply
    Thank you Amy.

    My I am John La Tourrette and I started in Ed Parker Kenpo back in 1970, right after getting out of the Army Security Agency as a Translator of the Korean Language, and a cryptographer for North Korean intercept.

    When I started Kenpo karate it was after already training in the martial arts for 20 years, doing things like boxing, wrestling, Kodokan (Kano) style Judo, Okazaki Juijitsu (AJJF), Taekwon-do's Chi Do Kwan, Chin Mu Kwan & Kuk Mu Kwan. It's funny but my first instructor in Kenpo, David Day, later became one of my students.

    When I ETS'ed from the service I went back to college and in 1973 received a BA degree with 2 majors and two minors. The majors were General Humanities and Spanish, the minors were Psychology and 2ndary Education.

    In 1973 I did go to work for Tracy's Kenpo Karate in Portland OR, and in Gresham Or. I like Al Tracy. A fantastic mind inside of that head of his. One of my trainers at that time was Jim Mitchell (now the founder of the World Kenpo Karate Association).

    In 1974 I moved to Boise ID and opened up my first professional studio.

    In 1975 Jim Mitchell got me in with Ed Parker and with Parker's organization.

    Because I was in business I went back to college, Boise State University, and studied Business Management, Marketing and Sales. I learned much about making money and sales. So I made money.

    In 1980 I retired.

    Why did I retire? Because I was tired of the 80 hr weeks, I had enough money to retire, and I had a secondary source of income, my books on martial arts which I started to write in 1977.

    Why did I write my first book?

    Because after turning in my 4th dan belt ranking thesis to Ed Parker, he told me, "John, it's NOT a thesis, it's a book! Get it published!" Ed Parker demanded that I publish it.

    And that's how my first book, "Mental Training of a Warrior" came to be.

    I also wrote "Secrets of Kenpo Karate", and then for my thesis for 5th dan under Parker I wrote "The Master's Kicking Guide".

    Ed Parker wrote the prefaces to both "Mental Training of a Warrior" and to "The Master's Kicking Guide". Both books can still be found on the internet, even first edition copies. Photos of Ed and I, and his written prefaces.

    I was promoted to 5th dan by Ed Parker on Oct. 21, 1981. Some of the people that were there were Skip Hancock, Sandy Sandoval, Rod Boslau, Matt Sterling & Jim Harrison.

    I also gave one of the biggest Ed Parker seminars that was ever held, and it was in Boise ID at the Red Lion. There were 192 attendees. Parker loved it!

    So, this quickee write up about my history in the martial arts and in Kenpo Karate only goes up to Oct. 21,1981 when I received my Go Dan.

    Everything stated above is easily verified through certification, photographs, and written works.

    And that was just the start of a fantastic kenpo karate journey.

    I am glad to be a new member of this forum. Thanks to Rich Hale for letting me know about it, and letting me know that I was one of the topics brought up.

    I did find that slander interesting. And I would love to know the real names and addresses of those that said what they said.

    If anyone is interested in the truth in what has happened since 1981, let me know. Even though I've been virtually retired (except for a small private school because I love training) for 9 years, it seems there is some guy out their lying about me and some of his lies have gotten spread to this forum.

    I'll be 63 years old in a few months and Ed Parker Kenpo Karate, Al Tracy Kenpo Karate, along with Jim Mitchell World Kenpo have been some of the best things that have occured in my life.

    Dr. John M. La Tourrette
    Ph.D. Sports Psychology Columbia Pacific University 1987, 10 years prior to when they lost their state-of-California accredition.

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    his books

    Mental Training of a Warior

    Masters kicking guide

    check them out for yourself, they are not expensive...

    buy Martial Arts Books here

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    K-Nerd, those are good books, I still have mental training of a warrior on the shelf. I still have not seen the OP ask Dr. LaTourette for clarification.

    Step up.

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    Here's a thought. Why not have someone take the list of questions that they'd like answered and create a kenpo-talk account, and PM the good Doc directly with the questions? Don't post a thread because the mods will remove it. They're not supporters of him, but rather they're more interested in keeping the peace. Kenpo talk is intended to promote knowledge sharing and learning, its not intended as a place for people to air their grievances with each other.

    I'm a poster over on that site. We're not all supporters of "Doc". I think that a lot of what he's got to say is bullshit. I spent the last couple of days looking through this thread. I'm damn sure interested in what the answers to these questions are myself.

    Since I'm a poster there, and because I'd like to maintain my status there (because the camaraderie and learning is pretty good) and I'm not interested in losing my posting status there just to satisfy my curiousity about one potential dickweed, I'm making the suggestion that someone here that's not worried about being banned from that site give it a try.

    Just PM him directly, ask him the questions politely and up front, and explain why you're asking them. See what response you get from him there, and post it here.

    Someone might also see if there's any footage from the recent Gathering of Eagles with him in it. He was one of the presentors there I think.

    Someone might contact some of the other grandmaster associations in kenpo as well, and see if they have any input on "Doc's" training and skills. Tatum, Sullivan, Speakman etc.

    I don't know how any of the other arts work. Any chance in locating people of equivilant ranks/arts to the ones that "Doc" claims to have and asking them about the validity of his belts?

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    Care to elaborate on what part of what he says is BS? I'm curious, as I stated in another post I think a lot of the huna/kahuna stuff is utter BS. However, doc is a really strange guy if you've ever met him and I do think he believes what he states.

    I believe the best person to contact if you want insider information would be Al Tracy. I know he is a legitimate 8th under Tracy and a legit 5th under Parker. Tracy can be verified via their site or if you can get anyone to answer an email.

    If you're on the other board you realize that when Doc recieved those belts it may have been completely honorary, no testing, no thesis. I'd be curious to know the length of time he studied under Mr. Tracy and Mr. Parker.


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