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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy Horse View Post
    Perish the thought of martial artists actually having to be able to *do* martial arts.
    To be fair to DA, that's clearly not what he's saying. He said any grade 'above about third dan' wasn't a fighting grade and was awarded for 'services rendered' to martial arts. And that's exactly true. Or are you under the impression that the few real Judans in the world are the deadliest men alive?

    I think, though, that it's an interesting subject. If Moclair's legitimacy wasn't so obviously fraudulent, it would be an interesting route of investigation to enquire what he actually did to merit his many rank promotions beyond 'about third dan' (or wherever his various styles draw the line at acquired skill and begin awarding on other criteria instead).

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    Trained with moclair when I was younger and what a waste of time and money it was. I paid 20 an hour for private lessons as I worked nights. (Yes I know now ok) All attacks were practiced in slow motion! There were no resistance from attacker's!! And never spared in two years!!! Was lucky enough to get the chance to spar with a boxing coach and soon realised that I had wasted two years learning something that was useless. The most embarrassing thing is the arsehole really had me believe that I could fight off 5 attacker's at once. ( yes I know now) this clown will get some poor kid killed with the fake confidence he fills people with.

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