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    10/10/2006 12:50am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
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    10/10/2006 1:00am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kidspatula
    The lady tells us not to take them out for 6 weeks, but I want to know from people who've actually had this done how they got around that.
    I taped mine while sparring during the "don't take them out" phase. Doubtlessly you are past needing this info.
    Monkey Ninjas! Attack!
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    10/10/2006 5:35am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    used to have 4 earrings, 2 in each ear, scince about age 10.
    i used to just take them out when i sparred, but after a shoulder injury i took them out in order to get a scan of some sort, and just never put them back in.

    For me, my coach always made me take them out before i started training, but once after a bit of a 'schoolyard biff' i realised my earlobes were quite bloody.. it barely hurt, but there was a fair bit of mess considering the size of the hole.

    Once i had them out for quite a while (forgot to put them back in after sparring), and eventually the hole almost closed up completely. When i wanted to put them back in i just forced them through and made kind of a new hole. It stung a little bit, but nothing bad.

    edit : i tried the taping thing, too (though for football, not boxing - still a contact sport though) but that ended badly.. somehow i ended up with a bloody mess inside my headgear and some earrings lost (talking about rugby here, not grid iron)
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